Quantum Computing: Why the technology poses a security threat

While the term ‘quantum computing’ sounds futuristic, many experts argue the technology is not far away. Amongst myriad potential benefits, Julian Hall explores how it is set to dramatically impact upon the security sector. Read More

“Would you wait two minutes to retrieve three-month old surveillance footage if it slashed costs by 50%?”

Gabriel Chaher, VP EMEA of sales and marketing at Quantum, tells IFSEC Global about StorNext 6, the latest incarnation of Quantum's multi-tiered storage solution. Read More

Watch: Quantum on IFSEC TV

Interview with Gabriel Chaher, VP GLobal Marketing Development, Quantum Quantum talks multi-tier storage, the foundation for the new video surveillance & […] Read More

Multi-tier surveillance storage for scalable growth: Quantum Q&A

Wayne Arvidson, VP of surveillance and security solutions at Quantum, is quizzed on the company's tiered approach to surveillance storage. Read More


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