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February 23, 2017

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Whitepaper: Multi-residential access management – The move to digital

Vendor interview

Multi-tier surveillance storage for scalable growth: Quantum Q&A

Wayne Arvidson, vice president of surveillance and security solutions at Quantum, is quizzed on the company’s data management platform and tiered approach to surveillance storage.

Quantum’s website claims that this approach yields a “high performance, low-cost capacity and easy access that enables security and law enforcement professionals to address the challenges created by more cameras, higher resolutions, and increasingly sophisticated analytics.”

This interview was originally published on SecuritySolutionsWatch.com.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today, Wayne. Before discussing Quantum solutions in greater detail, please tell us about your background.

Wayne Arvidson: I got into security in the mid-90s, starting with national security applications, which evolved into solutions as the industry moved into an IP-based security model.

Prior to Quantum, when I was with ATTO Technology, we made customized products specifically for the security industry doing write-optimization and chain of custody applications at a hardware level.

Being involved in technology that helps people in a physical sense is very rewarding. This industry is about keeping people and property safe, and what we’re doing leads to very tangible benefits for society. There’s satisfaction in that, similar to the satisfaction that draws some people to law enforcement or the military.

I started at SGI — the leader in video and graphics-based computing — and the defense and intelligence agency used our platform to develop advanced solutions that provided information to keep troops safe. As resolutions improved it produced giant data sets and data management became a challenge.

I was interested because I could see it getting more complex and more real-time, in an industry that was on the cutting edge.

Read the full interview on SecuritySolutionsWatch.com

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