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May 5, 2017


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The lifespan of the average man and woman has increased over the years, due to advances in medicine and improved nutritional standards.

Seniors who would have been considered ‘elderly’ only decades ago, are now still vibrant and living independently. Even senior citizens who live at home with the assistance of a nurse or in home care aid, can live life to the fullest.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that family and friends don’t worry about them. On the contrary, people in their 80s and 90s and those individuals lucky enough to live past the 100 mark may need guidance.

Any lack of balance or simple fall can cause a hospital stay, with a broken hip likely to create further medical issues. Forgetfulness and hearing loss makes otherwise diligent seniors forget to take their medicine or hear the ring of a doorbell.

Seniors and technology

Teens and young adults have no problem living their lives in front of the camera. Their generation enjoys being videotaped whenever and wherever they may be.

However, this is generally not the case for senior citizens. Many older people still fear technology and feel uncomfortable with video equipment in their homes, no matter how unobtrusive these cameras may be.

Young adults try to explain to their parents how crucial a camera may be to their senior loved ones’ health, security and well-being. It’s always important to discuss the subject thoroughly, before making any purchases.

Surveillance monitoring equipment is not only a definite investment, but at no time do you want a parent or grandparent to think that they are being spied on unnecessarily.

Less invasive forms of video monitoring

You never want to make anyone uncomfortable in their own home. This is especially true of those people who believe that someone will be watching them in various stages of undress or when using the bathroom.

Luckily there are monitors which function as sensors, simply alerting a loved one that something is amiss in the household.

Monitoring systems do use traditional video cameras, so no footage is obtained from the home. These wireless and diminutive sensors are placed where they can detect motion or a change in normal patterns of activity. When this occurs, a contact is immediately notified.

You can choose how messages are sent confidentially via telephone, email, text message and mobile app.

Wireless motion sensors

An excellent example of how these sensors are employed, concerns their usage in determining if someone has taken their daily medicine or meals. Sensors are small enough to attach to regular household items like pillboxes and television remotes.

You can additionally attach sensors to the refrigerator or interior door, alerting a loved one that their senior is home and on schedule.

Let’s say that a senior has opened a front or back door at an unusual hour of the night. Their family member or guardian would be alerted at once. This information is particularly urgent when seniors are completely alone or live with a spouse yet suffer from dementia.

Once alerted, a loved one can contact the police, a neighbor or rush over on their own if possible.

Home surveillance videos

Video technology is routinely used to monitor homes, schools, shopping centers and commercial buildings. More than one person has discovered that their pet was running amuck through their house or that an employee has been stealing from their place of business.

In severe situations, acts of child abuse and crimes committed in bright daylight have been uncovered.

Today’s video cameras are stylishly small and easily set up around the home. All that’s required is an on-site wi-fi system so images can be sent directly through the Internet.

The capability of your chosen video equipment will vary greatly, depending upon its cost and complexity. However, newer home based surveillance systems will operate with amazing accuracy.

Real-time video monitoring saves lives

Instead of spying on seniors, loved ones are now able to see and hear if an emergency is happening in real-time. Night vision cameras allow for surveillance during the night and early morning hours when illnesses often take lives.

Sound detection features let loved ones hear if a senior is calling out for help or someone else is prowling the premises.

More complicated video surveillance systems come with a variety of other options. These include motion based sensors and audio components that give viewers a chance to speak directly to the subject under surveillance.

You can additionally record videos and save them to the Cloud, so they can be reviewed more intensely later.

Peace of mind and security

Using simple mounts with adjustable angles, monitoring equipment literally blends in with any décor. Seniors can go about their lives in their own home, with the knowledge that a medical emergency or act of crime will be reported as it plays out.

Should a senior citizen not remember exactly what happened, the video feed can replay to catch the incident in its entirety.

For those seniors who require a caregiver or housekeeper, video surveillance cameras provide an ongoing record of their employment.

Should an act of abuse or theft take place, it is likely to be captured in full view of the cameras. This aids families and the authorities.

Just as Nanny Cams have revolutionized child care, home video surveillance can transform how seniors live. While some people might find the presence of a video camera intrusive, the eye of the camera is really their friend.

Better yet, family members can now monitor these video feeds right from their mobile devices giving them a chance to advocate on behalf of their loved ones.

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