Webinar: Navigating the Evolution of Physical Access Control: Trends, Technologies, and Challenges

As organizations adapt to evolving security landscapes and workplace dynamics, the realm of physical access control is undergoing a significant transformation. Our panel discussion delves into the intricate tapestry of modern access control strategies, exploring prevalent technologies, emerging trends, and the associated challenges. Read More

Webinar: Enhancing Employee Security: Leveraging Technology and Other Measures to Address Violence Against the NHS Staff

In light of rising costs of living, incidents of theft, and increasing abuse of healthcare workers, this panel explores how technology, particularly video surveillance, can be utilized to protect employees. Read More

ROUNDTABLE: Protecting a hybrid workforce in a VUCA world

Security leaders gathered in London recently to discuss risk in a time of increasing volatility and uncertainty. Read More

2024 OSPAs Thought Leadership Summit programme announced

The sixth Security Thought Leadership Summit organised by the OSPAs in association with the NSI is returning to the Royal Lancaster London on Thursday 22 February 2024. Read More

Security upgrade for 35 acre office building in Surat, India

Gallagher Security secures the world’s largest commercial office building, India’s Surat Diamond Bourse, which opened it's doors in December. Read More

5 key technological trends affecting the security sector in 2024

IFSEC Insider hears from Axis Communications on five technological trends forecast to make an impact in the security sector in 2024. Read More

The different ways to use a car security GPS tracker

The GPS device industry has a global value upwards of $1 billion. That figure has been predicted to climb to $4.93 billion by 2028. Read More

Beyond security: How access control and video analytics can generate business intelligence

How do you measure the harms averted from security incidents that didn’t occur due to the deterrent effect of your […] Read More

Building Security Assessment Scheme relaunched in collaboration with NSI

The City of London Crime Prevention Association has relaunched the Building Security Assessment Scheme in collaboration with the National Security Inspectorate. Read More

Environment and sustainability focused task group launched by Euralarm

The Horizontal Compliance Committee of Euralarm has started a new task group to focus on environmental and sustainability issues. Read More

Entrance control upgraded at Sabre Uruguay office

Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions have been installed at travel software and technology firm, Sabre’s remodelled office in Uruguay, aimed at increasing staff safety. Read More

Two thirds of UK tech workers believe more women needed to fix the talent gap, research shows

Tech workers in the UK believe women are the answer to bridging the tech talent gap, yet only 40% of companies have a plan to improve the gender split. Read More

New board members announced for Security Commonwealth

Three new Board Directors will be joining Security Commonwealth following recommendations of the current board members. Read More

Access control installed at US Cannabis facility

Net2 access control has been installed at Highlands Grow in Michigan, a fully licensed industrial-scale cultivator, producing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. Read More

Mental health champion raises money for veterans in security

After 717km cycled and 25,538ft of climb in Scotland, the Pyrenees and Wales, 78-year-old ex-Marine Jonathan Thomson completes his trip to raise funds for PTSD Resolution. Read More

Upgraded VMS used for campus surveillance and emergency response at University of Vermont

The University of Vermont has transitioned to Qognify’s VMS to improve real-time event management, post-incident investigation and daily surveillance. Read More


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