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From Strasbourg to Malaysia: Safeguarding students remotely through emergency response management

How cloud-based geolocation technology is transforming control room capabilities around the world, with Strasbourg-based students located and instructed to stay in their secure building within 20 minutes of news breaking that terrorists were firing shots at the city's Christmas markets. Read More

Qognify named Mobile Security Solution Provider of the Year

Qognify Extend, a suite of integrated mobile solutions that enhances situational awareness, picked up the accolade at the Mobile Breakthrough Awards, which recognises innovation in smartphone apps and wireless technology. Read More

False alarms: The fake news of the control room

Udi Segall, director of business development at Qognify, reflects on the huge financial and man-hour costs of one of the most intractable problems in security. Read More

999 callers will soon be able to live-stream incidents to control room

West Midlands Fire Service is piloting a smartphone app that allows 999 callers to live-stream footage of incidents directly to emergency services. Read More

Tragedy averted as AI camera rescues home and pet dogs

Nobody was home when fire broke out in Christophe’s house, but the Netatmo Welcome meant his home and dogs were still intact when he returned. Read More

Qognify Announces Live IFSEC Demos of Award-Winning Security Platforms

Video management system VisionHub, PSIM platform Situator 8.0 and video analytics software Suspect Search will be showcased at IFSEC International 2016. Read More

Securing Critical National Infrastructure in Remote Locations: Prevailing Strategies are Simply Inadequate

Nigeria is currently losing up to 300,000 barrels of oil a day to corruption, highlighting the security threats to critical infrastructure and their profound consequences. Read More

Safeguarding the 24/7 University Campus With Total Situational Awareness

CriticalArc's EMEA director says universities need to ensure flexible, round-the-clock access to learning resources on campus, which demands innovative new security models to safeguard students and staff and improve the student experience. Read More

Situational Awareness Innovations ADPRO iRespond and HeiTel from Xtralis Win 2015 PSI Premier Awards

Professional security installers voted to award ADPRO iRespond and the HeiTel by Xtralis –which give first responders advanced notice of on-the-ground details in emergency situations – the accolade of Software/IT Products of the Year. Read More

PSIM is Dead: Long Live PSIM

Only a few years ago PSIM was a major buzzword in security circles. Has the term outgrown its usefulness? Yes and no... Read More


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