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November 28, 2021


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

IFSEC Tech Talks

IFSEC Tech Talks – Barkers Fencing StronGuard and SecureGuard LPS 1175 certified solutions

Barkers Fencing – Attack demonstration of LPS 1175 fencing and entrance security


Barkers Fencing prides itself on providing a large range of only the highest quality fencing products, from basic demarcation to rigorously tested high-security solutions, and the company holds accreditations from several national and international bodies, regulators and authorities.

In this session, Adam Savage, Marketing and Sales Director at Barkers Fencing, demostrates how its LPS1175 accredited systems, StronGuard SR2 Palisade and SecureGuard SL2S Mesh, compare to standard fencing products. Adam covers where a palisade or a mesh solution may be most appropriate to install, the benefits of each and the types of attacks the two products have been tested to stand up against from intruders.

Within the live Q&A, discussion points included:

  • How easy is the SecureGuard SL2X to install? And can poor installation affect the durability of the fence?
  • Does the SecureGuard SL2X require on site assembly?
  • Are compatible swing gates available?
  • Is the SecureGuard lighter than others on the market?
  • What is the highest mechanical advantage tool used in testing?
  • You mentioned pallisade fencing often has spikes at the top – can you implement additional anti-climb measures to reduce the possibility of people trying to climb the fence? And are anti-climb measures included in the testing at LPCB?

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