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November 27, 2021


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IFSEC Tech Talks

IFSEC Tech Talks – Frontier Pitts LPS1175 Platinum Range of Security Rated Gates and Turnstiles

Frontier Pitts LPS1175 Platinum Range of Security Rated Gates and Turnstiles


A leading British manufacturer of security gates, automatic barriers, roadblockers, rising kerbs, bollards, and pedestrian control gates and turnstiles, Frontier Pitts also designs, installs, commissions and then continues to maintain your perimeter security equipment for years to follow.

Its new platinum range of security gates and turnstiles have been attack tested by the LPCB and have received a range of LPS 1175 security ratings. In this Tech Talk, after a demonstration of how the company’s products are tested and the types of attack its platinum range of security turnstiles are able to withstand, Sally Osmond and Mike Jones from Frontier Pitts answer audience questions.

Within the live Q&A, discussion points included:

  • What is the USP for the Platinum Turnstile?
  • What is the difference between 90 and 120 degree rotors?
  • What happens if the power fails?
  • What access control can be used?
  • What finishes can this be manufactured in?
  • What sectors is the turnstile ideal for? And where would the Terra Diamond turnstiles mentioned at the end be used instead?
  • Where are the common weaknesses in turnstiles, that the Platinum turnstile overcomes?

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