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November 29, 2021


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IFSEC Tech Talks

IFSEC Tech Talks – Surelock McGill LPS 1175 rated doorsets

Surelock McGill LPS 1175 rated doorsets


Surelock McGill, specialist in providing combined lock, doorsets and walling solutions against forced entry, blast and ballistic threats, reflects on changing threats in a changing world and how to meet these challenges.
The company demonstrates how its products are tested to the LPCB LPS 1175 third-party certification standard, showing a video of the various testing methods to its doorsets and why high quality security solutions are so important to protect assets and your perimeter. Following this, Chad Dunton and Alan Swan from Surelock Mcgill answer audience questions in a Q&A.

Within the live Q&A, discussion points included:

  • Do you have any comparative evidence for attack timings of your products compared to others on the market – particularly for vision panels?
  • What is the designated test time?
  • How closely do you work with locking hardware manufacturers? Or do you design your own?
  • What is ISO9001?
  • How important is it to have a qualified professional installing high security doorsets? Are there any standards they should have so I know I’m using someone qualified?
  • Where are the most common areas doorsets fail on with regards to LPS 1175 testing?
  • The testing times do not look particularly long, are they long enough?
  • I guess in real applications, different types of locking options are required, how are these covered in the certification
  • One question relates to your webinars options mentioned at the end of the video. There is one which features the conflict between security and life safety, is it possible to have both? And if so, is there any special requirements needed to achieve this?
  • Assuming you think this is a good standard, why do you think LPS 1175 provides a good level of security testing?
  • A question from a door manufacturer aiming to get my doors tested and approved to LPS 1175. Are there any benefits in using your products?

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