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November 12, 2020

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PTSD Resolution releases 10-year impact report

PTSD Resolution, the mental health support charity for Armed Forces’ Veterans, Reservists and their families, has close ties with the security sector – ASIS UK is a long-standing supporter of the charity, for instance. It has recently released its 10-year impact report, having supported over 2700 clients since its inception in 2009.

PTSDResolution-10YearReport-20As PTSD Resolution outlines in its mission statement, the charity helps “ex-service men and women who have mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder”. Services are available to all veterans, reservists and dependents – many of whose career paths may take them into the private security industry. Ultimately, its aims include:

  • The relief of the mental sickness of veterans of the armed forces, and their families, with post-traumatic symptoms
  • Research into the treatment of PTSD
  • Wider education about PTSD
  • Promoting social inclusions of veterans in the justice system

Since its launch in 2009, the organisation has grown rapidly, supporting thousands of veterans and their families. There are now dedicated therapists across the entirety of the UK, with 78% of clients reporting a noticeable improvement in symptoms after support.

The 10-year impact report features some inspiring stories from veterans and those who have undertaken challenges to raise money for PTSD Resolution. It also includes client responses from veterans and their families, detailing how the support has helped them. One veteran, for instance, commented: “PTSD Resolution really focus on the problem – they are understanding and very easy to talk to. Since therapy, I feel better about myself… I am sleeping better, eating better, and much happier with life.”

For every £1 spent on fundraising, the charity raises £6.76 for its causes, detailing a breakdown of where its resources are funnelled in the report – 70% of which is directly focused on the treatment of veterans and their families.

On the support given from the UK Chapter of ASIS, James Morris, Chapter Secretary, explained: “Over the past decade it has become increasingly clear that there is a mental health crisis in society today and this is prevalent in the security industry; both as a result of previous experiences in the military or emergency services and from experiences security professionals face in their roles. It is a privilege for the UK Chapter of ASIS International to be able to support the incredible work that PTSD Resolution does to support the mental health needs of many professionals, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.”

Over the course of 10 years, it has raised over £1.3 million and treated 2700 clients. The fantastic work only looks set to grow, too, having treated 438 clients already this year – 86 more than in 2019, despite the challenges of a global pandemic.

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