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February 13, 2012

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Contact tracing and COVID-19 director’s briefing

Securitas seminar focuses on public transport security

Security solutions for customer projects in this day and age have to exhibit three key characteristics. In essence, they must be individual, efficient and economic.

In terms of the passenger travelling on a transport network, their subjective feeling of safety and security is an important part of what might best be termed their ‘transport quality experience’.

Any perceived insecurity may result in them deliberately avoiding travel altogether. Passengers who feel safe, on the other hand, will remain passengers on a given network for a long time to come.

Competent on-site security personnel increase not only the passenger’s subjective safety perception but also act to improve upon service quality and effectively contribute to a better company performance.

A member of staff wearing a uniform is always a contact person for the passenger. That being the case, he or she needs to be well informed about the transport system at hand as well as the city in which it resides. He or she also needs to be able to explain the fare system and de-escalate delicate situations.

It’s fair to say that honesty, attentiveness and helpfulness are important factors in being able to successfully solve these tasks.

An opportunity for discussion

By way of providing an opportunity for discussions around this subject, on 23 February Securitas is organising a Customer Day in central London entitled ‘Security and Passenger Service for Better Company Results’.

The Securitas Competence Centre Public Transport Seminar, to be hosted by Andrea Soehnchen (Securitas’ strategic development director for public transport solutions across Europe) and Geoff Zeidler (country president for Securitas in the UK and managing director of the UK and Ireland operation), aims to stimulate a continuous dialogue with customers and other interested operators.

The idea is that, with the security solutions provider sharing its global expertise, this will encourage transport operators to think about new approaches, in turn ensuring that a better understanding of the needs facing the public transport sector will beget more efficient solutions

The discussions will be inspired by transport experts and representatives of public transport stakeholders sharing their experiences and discussing the added value of security concepts with a clear focus on prevention of problems and enhanced passenger service.

Agenda for the day

The event takes place at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, and the agenda for the day is as follows:

10.00 am: Welcome and opening of the programme

In order to inspire discussion, public transport experts will present their view on security and passenger service in the arena…

  • Keynote address: ‘Public transport security: finding the right dosage’ (Michael Maynard, formerly head of operational support, London Underground)
  • ‘TMB: Improved passenger satisfaction through passenger service as a focus of security staff’ (Ricardo Ortega, TMB Barcelona, Spain)
  • ‘WYPTE: Security as part of strategic development at WYPTE – experience of co-operation with a private security provider’ (Diane Groom, WYPTE UK)

12.00 noon-1.00 pm: Luncheon

  • ‘NS: The service and security concept of Dutch Railways – security as a quality element’ (Frank Bontje, NS Dutch Railways)
  • ‘Abellio: Preparedness, prevention and customer service as the basis of an integrated security concept’ (John Dietz, Abellio UK)
  • Securitas: Specialisation and partnership enable security staff to deliver added value for public transport operators and passengers’ (Andrea Soehnchen, Securitas AB)

3.30 pm: Exchange of experiences, open discussion

4.00 pm: Conclusions and end of programme

For further information on this event and to register your interest in attendance please contact Nick Cooper at Securitas via e-mail: [email protected]

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