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March 12, 2019


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VMS upgrade

Axxon Next 4.2.1 enhances facial recognition, forensic search plus security and privacy settings

AxxonSoft has updated the Axxon Next VMS with myriad new features and configuration options around video analytics, archive search, privacy masking and more.

Axxon Next Version 4.2.1 boasts an enhanced web interface, added security controls and GDPR-compliant privacy settings.

New features

  • Neural network filter for Object Tracker. Analyses moving or abandoned objects to filter out false alarms from situation analysis detection tools. Distinguishing between humans and vehicles, it learns to perform tasks to suit the customer’s needs based on footage captured over time

  • Facial recognition false alarm filter. Objects likely misidentified as faces will be ignored during searches in footage archive
  • Facial Recognition now recognises age and gender. Recognition data can be displayed on the Events Board and saved in the database for further statistical analysis

  • Large Number of Objects detection tool triggers an alarm upon reaching a specified number of objects within a specified area
  • Frame tracking for vehicle licence plates
  • Reduced CPU load for recognising large license plates
  • Forensic search in recorded video. MomentQuest forensic search can harness metadata generated by Basic Video Motion Detection tool. Less power-hungry VMD lowers cost of ownership by using more cameras per server

  • Facial and vehicle number searches across all cameras within an Axxon domain.
  • Archives with video footage can now be automatically combined for playback – for instance if videos from a single camera are stored in multiple archives.
  • Camera statistics. You can read the pixel resolution, FPS, bitrate and compression format for each camera video stream. Special symbols appear on the stream when expected values of one or two Mbit/s per megapixel are exceeded by the bit rate

  • Polygonal privacy mask option for real time viewing for GDPR-compliance. You can also hide faces from specific user roles.

Other new configuration options

  • Loading external videos in raw format to apply forensic search
  • Selecting preset time interval values – such as next five or 30 minutes or previous hour – in search settings
  • Specifying time interval durations for TimeSlice search within chosen time period
  • Right-click copy starting date and time of a retrieved video clip to the clipboard

Web client enhancements

  • Secure connection over HTTPS protocol
  • Support for layouts, mirroring desktop client
  • Selecting archive to view
  • MP4 audio playback
  • Setting compression rate for exported AVI videos

More on privacy settings

In recorded video, you can now hide any static or moving object from specific user roles using the polygonal privacy mask (which won’t work while playing back recorded videos). Opaque mask appears as a solid colour superimposed on target objects when you view and search video footage, as well as on exported video.

The user can set masking zones to blank out an object: covering the object with an adjustable oval or rectangular mask on both the first and last frames of the sequence. A linear interpolation of the mask’s position will then be generated across the entire video sequence.

Adding intermediate zones within the sequence can further improve effectiveness.

Faces can be hidden from specific users – within the archive and on exported video – providing the facial recognition tool is set up for your cameras.

New security controls

  • Set minimum password length, strength and expiration interval
  • Store password history
  • Prevent multiple simultaneous sessions with same username
  • Block users for specified time after specified number of failed login attempts
  • White-list remote users by setting their range of IP addresses, which are now linked to each user event. The computer’s MAC address is registered in the system event log and Export Start event now includes user name.

For a comprehensive list of changes introduced to Axxon Next 4.2.1 read the release notes. Software installer and documentation can be found on the downloads page.

AxxonSoft is exhibiting at IFSEC International 2019, taking place 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL London (stand IF720). Book your free ticket now.

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