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April 23, 2019

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The Video Surveillance Report 2021

BriefCam’s video analytics revamp claims trio of prestigious awards

BriefCam has launched version 5.4 of its video content analytics platform, which transforms video into actionable intelligence.

The Massachusetts-based company says the upgraded software boasts improved real-time capabilities, user experience and processing performance across its three integrated modules.

Version 5.4, which has just won a trio of awards, will give customers 100% faster throughput in on-demand video processing performance, plus enhanced accuracy for ‘in-the-wild’ class and attribute classification.


Customers come from law enforcement, government and transportation agencies, enterprises, and healthcare and educational institutions, among others.

New features

  • BriefCam REVIEW accelerates investigations: Multi-camera search capabilities rapidly and accurately identify men, women, children, vehicles, and lighting changes. Boasts 27 classes and attributes, plus face recognition, appearance similarity, colour, size, speed, path, direction, and dwell time, increasing search combination permutations
  • BriefCam RESPOND provides situational awareness: Define dynamic rules for count-based alerts that trigger notifications for a specified number of objects or concurrent number of objects in a predefined period of time. One-click case creation based on an alert, plus rapid review of all daily alert events, achievable in minutes
  • BriefCam RESEARCH generates operational intelligence: Customisable, interactive dashboards with chart suggestions that auto-generate reports. Insight Advisor prioritises data points. Visual layers expose object interactions, dwell time, paths and activity heatmaps. Dynamically build operational intelligence dashboards from both uploaded video files and VMS-based video data

BriefCam says

“In order to extract the value from their video surveillance investments, it is critical for enterprises and public safety agencies to adopt a comprehensive approach to video analytics as part of their overall surveillance strategy,” said Trevor Matz, BriefCam president and CEO.

“BriefCam is committed to delivering an innovative video analytics platform to accelerate investigations, derive quantitative insights for operational decision making, and provide real-time situational awareness for organisations across the globe.”

About BriefCam

BriefCam specialises in deep learning and video synopsis solutions for rapid video review and search, face recognition, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights.

Its claim to slash the time-to-target for security threats was recently vindicated when it won a UK government-sponsored competition comparing the response of various AI-powered software during a terror-attack simulation. BriefCam software identified a terrorist in less than two hours.

BriefCam, whose solutions integrate with a range of third-party products, is a certified Milestone Platinum Technology partner and a certified Genetec Gold Technology partner.

The Massachusetts-headquartered company also has offices in Israel and Singapore.

BriefCam is exhibiting at IFSEC International 2019, Europe’s leading integrated security event, taking place 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL London (stand IF3246). Book your free ticket now.

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