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September 16, 2015


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Delhi Police Considering High-tech Snooping Devices to Nab Criminals

West Midlands Police under CC BY-SA 2.0

West Midlands Police under CC BY-SA 2.0

Delhi Police is considering bringing snooping devices on-board to track criminals’ movement, according to sources.

A trend has been noticed by officials where criminal gangs gave their mobile phones amiss while executing a crime.

The said devices are going to be supplied to Delhi Police by an offshore firm. With the help of these devices, law enforcement officials can keep surveillance over a suspect as well as use it to get real-time intelligence of the suspect during a pursuit.

A tracking system to gain information about present location of suspect’s vehicle or baggage is also in the offing. The tracking device so used is expected to be suitably small, so as to keep it discreet and not easily noticeable by the suspect.

All the intelligence generated with the help of these snooping devices shall be shared with a central monitoring system and a mobile command centre.

The system operator in command centre will monitor and track the subject’s location through detailed digital map and standard communication server.

To enable remote monitoring, the mobile centre shall also have an Android OS-based tablet/smartphone.

The tracking system will also keep track of subject’s location history to draw a pattern out of the target vehicle’s movements.

The operator shall also receive alerts in case there has been an attempt to tamper with the tracking device. There is also a geo-fence alarm in the tracking system whenever the target unit drives out of a pre-determined geographical area.

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