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January 1, 2014


Whitepaper: Enhancing security, resilience and efficiency across a range of industries

Delivering Customized Security Solutions

You are now about to complete three years with Tyco Security Products. What are the significant changes that you have noticed in this period in the security Industry? 

I feel that a natural progression of the security industry has taken place. While the industry has grown significantly, it has also evolved for the better. For instance, players in this industry have started to understand the differentiated needs of the customer. Vertical-specific solutions and expertise from vendors is a must now and some industry players are adapting to this newer requirement of the customer. We are customizing and creating solutions that match specific lines of businesses. The focus is on leveraging insights, knowledge and expertise on specific segments while delivering the security solution. The vanilla approach of providing the same product to a different set of customers is moving out. This development automatically prompts the industry to regularly develop its own solution sets instead of being laggards in the technology world, where one product which was created 20 years back still continues to work. 

Why do you think IP based solutions are gaining popularity in the market? What are the main challenges in moving from Analog to IP camera? 

The transition from Analog to IP based solutions was always bound to happen. IP solutions allow you to have scalability and also give you tremendous flexibility. The management of IP set ups is easier compared to Analog deployments. New technology will always face a few challenges before it gets accepted in the market.  The first challenge is to bring a change in the mind-set of the customer. They must be educated on the benefits of the new technology.  As knowledge levels increase so does the acceptance of the new technology. Secondly, the cost associated with IP based solution also impacts its growth and adoption in the market. Another challenge is the infrastructure. 

Please brief us on Tyco’s go-to-market strategy?  

We are one of the latest entrants in this market in India. Our competitors have been working in this country for many years. We are a strong brand name; we carry a huge pedigree of products. Our main strategy is to reach out to the customers and educate them on the superior value we deliver. We don’t tell them something that they already know. Instead, we make them understand how they can utilize our products in a better way. We reach out to experts and consultants and make them understand how our products make for more reliable security and how our unified solutions make the life of security professionals easier. Our sincere hard work in the field has actually paid off and today we have very strong customer references from all market segments.  

Tell us about your product portfolio and what is the USP of it? 

The five lines of business that we do are Electronic Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion detection, RFID based asset and people tracking and PSIM. In each of these areas we are leading the market as our solutions serve customer needs better than others.

In Access Control, we started with an intelligent terminal unlike our competitors who offered various controllers and readers. We have launched Emerald which is a touch screen reader and provides intelligent access control. This single reader can be used either by an administrator or by a user in their own way. It can display real time security information and statistics such as card status, scheduled visitors, top system alarms and most recent alarms on the terminal. Additional applications include first and last swipes that can be used for time and attendance. Various organizations are using Emerald to control critical paths and restricted zones that are permanently manned by security personnel. Emerald provides security staff with a clear, visual, color image indicating the card status i.e. access denied or access granted. It can also act as a VOIP terminal.

In video surveillance, we have one of the most flexible and affordable solutions in exacqVision which is a video management software. ExacqVision can integrate with 2000 different camera models and 50 different cameras makes. We also bring in one of the best solutions in Physical Security Information Management Software (PSIM) called Proximex. We have given the industry one of the fastest PTZ “Pan Tilt Zoom’’ cameras till date called Illustrate 625.

If we talk about our Intrusion products, we are uniquely positioned in the country today with WPC certification for our wireless range of Intrusion Products. This is very important from the compliance point of view. We have panels which can virtually do anything and everything!  False alarms are also minimized as a result of our superior technologies.

Our RFID solution Elpas is also very unique as it’s an active RFID solution. It is particularly great for tracking assets and key personnel in hospitals, hospitality industry, museums, old age homes, detention centers like prisons and apart from enhancing security it has proven itself in enhancing productivity through superior asset management. 

What are the business verticals that you have your presence in India?

We have strong customer references from virtually every vertical in the world. Worldwide, Tyco Security Products helps protect 42 percent of Fortune 500 companies, transportation systems of five continents, 37 percent of the world’s top 100 retailers, over two million commercial enterprises, thousands of students in more than 900 educational facilities, and over five million private residences.  But from the Indian perspective our strong vertical is the commercial enterprise, oil and gas, airports and transportation systems. Our products address most of the verticals in the market and we see Homeland Security as one of the rising market segments. 

What are your expansion plans for this year? Will you be introducing new products and solutions? 

We are introducing some very interesting products which will be released shortly. Some of these are for the distribution line of business and some for the larger project segments. We have seven different products to be released in the market and in the next five months you will see virtually one or two product being launched every month -all in different segments. We have increased our staff by 60 percent to address some geography that we could not cover earlier. We are reaching out to our customers educating them about the correct usage of our products. We also give three years warranty on our products as we are very confident about what we offer. A few customers may feel that our products are expensive, but whenever we explain about the total cost of ownership they realize that our overall offering is not only better but that they also deliver superior value over the years! 

What are the geographies that you cover under South Asia region?

I manage the South Asia region, which includes India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan. We are very fortunate to have India as a big country, but the rest of the markets are also very interesting.  Maldives is a small but very developed market, Sri Lanka is developing very well, and Bangladesh is very stable now so they will definitely bring a huge amount of opportunity. Pakistan has always needed security products. So I think it’s a good time to be in security.   

What are the future trends that will drive the Indian Security & Surveillance Market?

The need for integrated security management is going to come up in a very big way. Nobody wants a point solution. The cost of ownership or the management of a point solution is very difficult therefore integrated solution is the way forward. When it comes to the lower end of the market, especially the home or the small office segment, I think product penetration in these areas is very low. By 2020 every house will have an intrusion device and every house will have a CCTV camera specially the private houses.

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