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December 23, 2014


State of Physical Access Trend Report 2024

Demand Booming for ‘Smart’ Surveillance Cameras Among General Public

pet treats labrador surveillance

‘Smart’ surveillance cameras can now be combined with other smart tech like this pet-snack dispensing machine that keeps anxious dogs  occupied while the owner is out

More than 11 million consumer and DIY network cameras will be shipped worldwide in 2015, according to IHS.

Hitherto prohibitively expensive surveillance technology is increasingly being bought by ordinary householders as well as commercial entities.

A new breed of standalone cameras designed specifically for the needs of the general public negate the need for separate recording hardware by harnessing cloud or edge storage.

Increasingly suppliers that traditionally supplied businesses with network cameras are diversifying into the consumer market.

IHS reports a surge in demand for cameras with smart-home functionality that connects to third-party or same-brand smart home systems.

The leading market research firm expects smart-home-capable cameras sold both separately and as part of a larger smart home package to be a major driver in the consumer video surveillance market.

Connecting to an ever-widening array of smart technologies in the home – such as TVs and ‘smart’ lighting – these smart cameras allow for remote viewing outside the home. And the applications extend beyond protecting homes against burglary; anxious pets, for example, can be monitored and reassured by verbally via smart mics and smart snack dispensing machines.

Most systems are motion-alert capable and householders can watch live or recorded video on their smartphone or tablet.

IHS expects to see a raft of exciting innovations in the smart-home arena launched at the Consumer Electronics Show and throughout 2015.

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