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November 30, 2023


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Denmark’s Vorbasse Market uses AI cameras for people management and monitoring

Hanwha Vision’s AI, Wave VMS, and video wall was installed at Vorbasse Market in Denmark for 24/7 monitoring and managing crowds. 

Vorbasse Market, known as “Denmark’s Biggest Family Tradition”, is visited by up to 250,000 people every year. It began in 1730 as a horse and trader market and this continues, with the area hosting up to 500 horses, 650 traders and more than 200 small animal traders annually. It has also expanded to include a campsite, one of Denmark’s largest travelling fairgrounds, and an entertainment programme that includes DJs and live music.

The team at Vorbasse Market needed a way to manage queues, crowds and bottlenecks in critical areas around the market while also ensuring the safety of visitors, traders, animals, and equipment. Operators also needed oversight of many different areas of the market, and to respond quickly to any events that required their attention.

Round-the-clock monitoring was especially vital because the market is not locked up at night, with members of the public still able to access areas within it. To improve visibility at night and in bad weather, the team was also looking for cameras with IR features.

The team used a video surveillance solution from Hanwha Vision for 24/7 monitoring with 55 X and P Series cameras installed across the site, and 45 of these XNV-6080R vandal-resistant IR dome cameras which are complemented by PND-A9081RV AI dome cameras.

Working alongside these cameras are PND-A9081RV AI dome cameras which are designed to reduce false alarms and alert operators only to genuine events which, Hanwha believes, decreases fatigue and frustration, as well as helping teams to work more efficiently.

The cameras are also said to be able to detect loitering, different sounds, tampering, shock detection (which can indicate someone hitting the camera), and face mask-wearing. In addition, they come with BestShot to help with bandwidth and storage limitations by only sharing the ‘best captures’ of an image with operators.

Tracking people and vehicles around the market

The XNV-6080R cameras also feature video analytics designed to alert operators to loitering and tampering, as well as audio detection for noises such as shouting or screaming. With Hallway View, operators are said to be able to monitor narrow areas such as walkways and around fences. Aimed at delivering clear images day and night, the cameras come with IR that has a viewable length of 50m as well as Lens Distortion Correction which ensures natural-looking images.

Bullet cameras were also installed – the XNO-8083R and XNO-C7083R – that are designed to use AI analytics to detect objects (people, faces, and vehicles), virtual line crossing, motion, tampering, audio, shock, and appear/disappear. In addition, integrations with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) are said to help operators know what vehicles are on-site and can aid them in managing parking capacity.

Video footage is shared with operators via a video wall that is powered by the Wave VMS, designed for the team to see and understand events as they unfold, and to more easily track individuals and vehicles at Vorbasse Market. Ground staff are also said to be able to view footage via smartphones or tablets, allowing them visibility across the entire market while on-site and doing security patrols.

Future planning 

Hanwha added that these video data insights are also being shared with Vorbasse Market leadership to inform future planning. Popular routes through the market can be widened to reduce bottlenecks, for example, or staffing schedules can be planned based on seasonal data.

People counting is being used by the Vorbasse Market team to better manage the flow of customers through the area, to help ensure crowds are managed effectively for safety and to offer the best visitor experience. Areas can be proactively closed before they become overcrowded.

By consolidating all footage into a single place, operators now have a greater understanding of activities across the market, when open and closed, believes Hanwha.

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