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October 30, 2017

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US law enforcement

Digital Barriers facial recognition and live streaming apps to be added to police dash-cam system from COBAN Technologies

Digital Barriers has struck an agreement that strengthens its foothold in the security tech market for US law enforcement.

The UK-headquarted company, will provide live facial recognition and live video streaming technology for the FOCUS H1, a police dash cam system from COBAN Technologies, as part of an agreement between the two companies.

COBAN Technologies is a US-based specialist in body-worn cameras and in-car video solutions for law enforcement.

SmartVis, the live facial recognition technology provided by Digital Barriers, was designed initially for defence and counter-terrorism purposes, but is now available to wider law enforcement and specialist police operations.

Deployed on centralised local or cloud-based processing, SmartVis will provide real-time facial recognition within police vehicles and remove the need to stream images back to a central location for processing.

“The combination provides law enforcement with critical capabilities in police vehicles that leverages the intelligence in the mobile video platform for greater affordability.” COBAN Technologies

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) supercomputer module embedded in the FOCUS H1 can be harnessed by SmartVis, which can build a composite from multiple frames via the FOCUS H1’s video streams.

The application can also be used on body-worn cameras and conventional fixed surveillance cameras.

FOCUS H1 in-car video system and body camera


EdgeVis technology, meanwhile, will provide secure live video streaming on the FOCUS H1, which is expected to feature both Digital Barriers solutions in the US at some point in 2018.

Operating at ultra-low bandwidths, EdgeVis offers near zero-latency video streaming over wireless networks.

The two applications are already deployed by law enforcement agencies in more than 50 countries around the world.

First time

“This is the first time that our EdgeVis live video streaming and SmartVis facial recognition solutions are being integrated into widely deployed, standard platforms that are sold into law enforcement,” said Zak Doffman, CEO of Digital Barriers.

“We expect to follow this approach by working with many other platforms of this nature so that our cutting-edge technology can be available across the regions that we work in. Our intention is to widely target the first responder and broader security markets in particular.

“For this incredibly high quality video streaming and facial recognition technology to be made available in this way is truly game-changing.”

Said David Kirsch of COBAN Technologies: “By working with Digital Barriers, COBAN is leveraging the most advanced and proven real-time video streaming and edge analytics applications for facial recognition available today. COBAN is pleased to be able to include these industry-leading capabilities with the FOCUS H1 to amplify officer awareness and increase public safety.

“The combination provides law enforcement with critical capabilities in police vehicles that leverages the intelligence in the mobile video platform for greater affordability. It also does it without the need for mass data collection or a reliance on constrained mobile data networks.”

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