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July 13, 2015


State of Physical Access Trend Report 2024

Digital Barriers launches Cloud Video Platform (CVP)

DB-CVP-FaceDetect-ScreenProduct in a nutshell: Digital Matrix launches Cloud Video Platform (CVP), which provides automatic video alert verification, camera tampering alerts and face detection through a cloud service, after beta trials with key partners. The corporate data repository, third party hosting and real-time video streaming are some features that Digital Barriers will be adding to the CVP a little later.

Sectors/verticals: Suitable for organisations of all sizes, both commercial and public.


  • Automatic video alert verification
  • Camera tampering alerts
  • Face detection
  • Corporate data repository: Through this feature organisations can identify what’s important, using advanced video analytics, and it can compress live and recorded video so it can be shared more easily, enhancing its operational effectiveness.
  • Economical and fast: Organisations can use CVP to quickly verify potential threats, without significant installation or deployment costs.
  • Full facial recognition: An additional feature part of the offing that will be added in the CVP courtesy Digital Barriers’ advanced analytics to enhance its potential later in the year.
  • Intrusion detection: A government-accredited intrusion detection analytics, SafeZone, is also in the offing for late launch.
  • Third-party hosting: Digital Barriers will be host third-party analytics such as license plate recognition and vehicle traffic analytics for its CVP. This too will be added in the CVP later.
  • Real-time video streaming: Later this year, Digital Barriers’ world-class video technology, TVI, will also be available as a cloud service to provide reliable, live, real-time video streaming over cellular networks (including 4G) from existing video stores for the first time.

Compatibility: CVP can operate on public, private and secure government clouds.

Manufacturer says: “The growth in IP network video and edge-analytics has already created a generational technology shift in this market,” said Zak Doffman, CEO of Digital Barriers. “Now the evolution to cloud services will do the same again.

“Our class-leading video streaming and analytics technologies are uniquely capable over wireless networks. This is why they have been adopted by some of the world’s leading defence and security organisations and have sold into more than thirty countries. This gives us a very compelling advantage over other cloud video offerings that will inevitably come to market.

“With the launch of the Cloud Video Platform we can give connected cameras anywhere in the world almost instant access to our suite of advanced video tools with no deployment costs or delays. And this will continue to develop as we add cutting edge analytics from Digital Barriers and third parties.”

About Manufacturer: Digital Barriers provides advanced surveillance technologies to the international homeland security and defence markets, specialising in ‘edge-intelligent’ solutions that are designed for remote, hostile or complex operating environments.

Says the London-headquartered company on its website: “We work with governments, multinational corporations and system integrators in the defence, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, transportation and natural resources sectors. Our surveillance technologies have been successfully proven on some of the most demanding operational and environmental deployments around the world.”

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