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February 9, 2016

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

Gala Bingo Southampton Fitted with Hanwha Techwin Europe Cameras

Gala Bingo’s Southampton high street premises has been fitted with 35 Samsung Open Platform WiseNetIII Full HD cameras to reinforce customer safety.

The Southampton branch, which is located at Antelope Park in the Thornhill district, has two distinct playing areas namely Bingo Club and Bingo Pub. Bingo Club focuses mainly on traditional bingo players who prefer to play bingo distraction free, while the Bingo Pub is for more informal bingo players who enjoy networking and socialising over a game of bingo.

“We were confident that the new club would be a great success from day one and particularly so as it is designed to appeal to a wide audience,” said Kevin Willis, Risk Manager for Gala Bingo.

“In addition to the need to comply with local authority licensing requirements, we considered it essential therefore to provide the club’s management and our security colleagues with the best possible tools to ensure that players are kept safe.”

Samsung Techwin Europe supplies Cameras for Video Surveillance at Gala Bingo Club

The contract under which the video surveillance system has been installed in the Gala Bingo club was awarded to Nottinghamshire-based Link Integrated Security Services Ltd which worked jointly with Samsung Techwin Europe to develop a solution covering all public areas within the club without any negative bearing on its aesthetics.

The WiseNetIII cameras include SND-6084 2MP domes and SNO-6084R bullet cameras with built-in IR LEDs to make sure that images captured in poorly-lit areas within the club are high resolution.

Another feature of the WiseNetIII camera that enables it to perform at its best is the DSP chipset which has enough processing capabilities to multi-task among numerous edge based applications. As a result, Gala Bingo could make best possible use of advanced video analytics applications which they were already using for people counting and heat mapping.

“I cannot praise more highly the pre- and post sales support that I received from the Link Integrated Security Services Ltd and Hanwha Techwin Europe teams,“ said Kevin Willis.

“Their combined technical expertise has ensured that our new club in Southampton has a video surveillance system that is more than just fit for purpose. Although the club has only been open for a short period, the system has already proved its value in terms of providing peace of mind that we have access to superb quality images should an emergency occur or an incident need investigating.”

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