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October 29, 2018

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

"great performance with deployment flexibility"

IDIS Compact Solution promises cost-effective video surveillance upgrade for small businesses

IDIS has launched a compact range of resilient, high performance cameras and recorders.

The IDIS Compact Solution affords users the flexibility to mix and match analogue and IP technologies, thereby avoiding an entire, expensive ‘rip and replace’ upgrade.


The South Korea-headquartered manufacturer says IDIS Compact Solution creates “new possibilities for fast-fit video surveillance deployments in retail, restaurant and small-business applications.” It also promises that operation is easy and intuitive enough to be done effectively by branch managers and small-business owners as well as security personnel.


  • Network and HD-TVI cameras and recorders can be installed through one-click network configuration
  • Compact DC-D4212R dome and DC-E4212WR bullet PoE cameras are suited to confined spaces
  • Full-HD performance in live view and playback (including on remote devices like smartphones)
  • Day and night ICR and IR LED up to 20m
  • Motion detection, tamper alarms, zoned privacy masking
  • H.264 live view avoids need for upgraded hardware peripherals
  • Choice of four- and eight-channel IP or HD-TVI recorders
  • Can be installed using existing coax cabling
  • Four-channel compact recorders can be desktop or wall-mounted
  • H.265 and IDIS Intelligent Codec compression delivers bandwidth savings of up to 90%
  • Choice of client software

IDIS says

“The innovative Compact Solution range fills an important niche in the market,” said James Min, managing director at IDIS Europe. “These are particularly neat products, combining great performance with deployment flexibility, making them a perfect choice retail chains, the hospitality sector and countless small business applications.”

About IDIS

IDIS is a global developer of surveillance solutions for a variety of commercial and public sector markets. Headquartered just outside Seoul, the company operates across 50 countries in concert with more than 100 strategic partners, accounting for more than two million recorders and 16.5 million cameras installed worldwide.

IDIS specialises in end-to-end solutions that are high quality and performance but with a low total cost of ownership.

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

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