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February 23, 2018

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The Video Surveillance Report 2023

Camera launch

Oncam launches panoramic product range

Provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology Oncam has expanded its portfolio with Evolution 180.

Building upon the experience and heritage of the company’s 360-degree technology the new panoramic camera range meets the needs of customers require a purpose-built wall-mounted camera with Panoramic+ views from a single sensor.

The indoor model available now and the outdoor model is available from April.


  • Schools and colleges
  • Universities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Banks retail and transportation, which demand monitoring large walkways, open spaces and corridors without blind spots.


  • 12MP sensor
  • 6MP dewarped panoramic image with Oncam’s Angle Compensation Technology which provides adaptive dewarping
  • Day/night camera which doesn’t require SDK dewarping as the Panoramic+ view is created natively in the camera
  • ONVIF Profile S compliant for added integration flexibility with the leading video management systems

Oncam says

“Currently, 180-degree views in the market are created with a single sensor 360-degree camera in panorama mode, which isn’t an ideal approach as it doesn’t allow the use of the full width of the sensor,” says Jon Marsh, Vice President of Product, Oncam. “This is why we’ve created the Panoramic+ view, which dictated the design of the product putting more pixels on target than any other panoramic camera.”

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