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Dahua Technology: The world’s second-largest video surveillance brand by market share

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Ron Alalouff is a journalist specialising in the fire and security markets, and a former editor of websites and magazines in the same fields.
February 21, 2018


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Dahua Technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security and video surveillance equipment.

Based in Hangzhou, China, the company has around 13,000 employees worldwide. According to its unaudited results for 2017, it had a turnover of $2.89bn representing a year-on-year increase of 41%, and a gross profit of $404m, growing by 31%.

The company has 35 subsidiaries around the world, and its products and services are said to be used in over 180 countries and regions.

Like many Chinese entrants to the global market, Dahua owes at least some of its success to initially undercutting established suppliers in the market.

But as the years went by, it increasingly focused on innovative technology and providing solutions rather than just products. It sees itself as transitioning from ‘made in China’ to ‘innovated in China’, with its mission being ‘Safer society, smarter living.’

Established in 2001, Dahua has grown rapidly to become the second largest global supplier of video surveillance products and services – second only to another Chinese brand, Hikvision. In that inaugural year, the company became the first in China to launch an eight-channel, real-time embedded digital video recorder.

In 2008 the company was launched onto the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


Dahua takes a great deal of pride in its technical research abilities and by the fact that it invests around 10% of its turnover in R&D.

Dahua has four research institutes – for advanced technology, big data, chips and video cloud – and more than 6,000 R&D engineers working on AI, IoT, cloud services, video, cybersecurity

The company has four research institutes – for advanced technology, big data, chips and video cloud – and more than 6,000 R&D engineers and technical staff working on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud services, video, cybersecurity and software reliability. Dahua has registered over 800 patents up to 2016.

Since 2014, Dahua has ranked number two in the global video surveillance product market, according to IHS, while in 2017 the company made its debut appearance in the A&S international ‘Security 50’, where it was ranked third.


Dahua has developed innovative solutions using technologies such as 4K over coax, Smart Scene Adaptive technology to optimise automatic switchover between low-light scenes, deep learning and ANPR with integrated IR – allowing number plates to be read at a distance of up to 40m, even in poor light conditions.

More recently it has expanded beyond video surveillance to include access control, mobile and traffic solutions, video conferencing and structured video servers. Dahua’s list of innovative new products includes a thermal hybrid bullet camera – which overlays thermal images with those captured by a video camera to produce clearer, sharper pictures.

Dahua’s core video surveillance product range includes network cameras, NVRs, HD over coax, and even camera-equipped drones. Other stand-out products include the Penta-brid range of DVRs – which take inputs from HDCVI, AHGD, TVI, CVBS and IP devices, Starlight low-light cameras, vehicle-mounted cameras, mobile DVRs and NVRs, parking guidance equipment and ANPR systems.

The company has also made it easier for integrators, resellers and end users to download and install third party applications on its network cameras with Dahua Open Platform (DHOP).


Dahua attaches great importance to cooperation with well-known companies and institutes; for example, it has partnered with Dell building smart security systems, and with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications on a new joint intelligent video lab.

It has also worked with NVIDIA to develop the Deep Sense video structure server, and with Intel on the joint release of a new industrial camera, setting the blueprint for the machine vision industry.

Other technology partnerships include a tie-up with IP based outdoor detection equipment from GJD to provide detector-activated surveillance, while last May it announced the integration of its Penta-brid video recorder (XVR0) with the Milestone XProtect video management system (VMS).



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