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September 29, 2015

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Samsung Techwin Europe to Sell WiseNetIII Cameras with Pre-Loaded Apps

Samsung Techwin Europe is planned to offer its WiseNetIII open platform camera range, which was launched in 2014, with applications already incorporated.

Dan England was recently appointed as technology partner manager at the company after a 17-year career in the security industry that included stints as an integrator and project manager and working for major access control and CCTV brands.

Below he reflects on his new role and explains the decision to offer out-of-the-box bullet, dome and body camera solutions for the WiseNetIII range, all of which run high performance DSP chipsets and are capable of running numerous edge-based applications.

IFSEC Global: Hi Dan. What does your new role entail?

Dan England: My overall objective is to ensure that we are best placed to provide users with significant added value from their video surveillance systems.

Since Samsung Techwin Europe launched the WiseNetIII Open Platform camera range, we have been approached by countless software development companies who want to capitalise on the new business opportunities that can be created by running their solutions on the WiseNetIII cameras.

My role is to manage, encourage and support all of these Application developers, as well as video management software (VMS) providers, and work with them in partnership to ensure that our mutual customers have the freedom to choose from a wide range and combination of Samsung approved solutions.

IG: Won’t the pre-loading of apps onto WiseNetIII cameras limit the customer’s flexibility and choice?

DE: No, not at all. After listening to market feedback, it makes perfect sense to offer a number ‘of pre-packed’ options for those customers that are perhaps new to video analytics or would benefit from a simple ‘no-fuss’ purchase.

It is also important to emphasise that customers will still be able to buy Samsung WiseNetIII cameras without any pre-loaded software and still have the option to upload Applications of their choice, as required. Following the connection of a WiseNetIII camera to the network, installers or operators simply need to upload their preferred App via the camera’s browser.

samsung techwing wisenetII range

IG: So what are the advantages of these off-the-shelf solutions?

DE: Our decision to do this is based on enhancing Samsung’s reputation as a brand that can always be trusted to look for ways to not only make it easier for customers to deploy our video surveillance solutions, but also for them to achieve maximum return on investment. In this respect, Open Platform is an exciting game changer which we are determined to help customers take advantage of.

By pre-loading software which we have fully tested and evaluated, we will be saving installers, systems integrators and users, considerable time and effort in having to research the fast growing list of available Applications. Plus, because we have worked very closely with the respective developers of the Applications, customers can be assured of a seamless integrated solution that is easy to configure.

IG: What kind of applications would you recommend to customers?

DE: Well the good news is that some Applications, such as Arteco Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Facit video analytics, are already available preloaded onto Samsung WiseNetIII cameras. However, as well as video analytics, we will be offering WiseNetIII cameras and domes pre-loaded with storage, people counting, intruder and perimeter protection Applications, as well as specialist retail analysis solutions. Over the coming months, I have no doubt that many more different types of Applications will emerge.

As predicted when the WiseNetIII series was first launched, one thing we can be certain of is that we will be able to look back in a year or so and be amazed at the diversity of Applications that have been introduced. The very latest out-of-box Application is in fact a specialist time-lapse solution from Pernixia which has been developed to meet the requirements of the broadcast and construction industries

IG: Is it complicated to order a WiseNetIII camera with the right applications pre-loaded?

DE: In reality this won’t be a problem. Using smart part numbers, we will make it a no fuss process for customers to identify and order the ideal camera/Applications combination.

IG: Who are your preferred suppliers when it comes to applications?

DE: We will publish a complete list on our website in the near future, with a mixture of European and global solutions, but in the meantime I am available offer advice and guidance on the best option for specific projects.

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