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September 8, 2023


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Three-way security partnership launches FaceComply to offer expert advice on facial recognition use

A three-way security industry partnership has launched FaceComply, an initiative designed to offer expert advice and consultancy on the legal and ethical use of facial recognition systems.

Corsight AI, Anekanta AI and Advent IM have come together in a move which they believe will “redefine ethical implementation of facial recognition technology”. Each offers expertise in areas that cover AI technology, risk management, data protection and cyber security.

FacialRecognition-AI-Camera-Scharfsinn-AlamyStock-23They note how facial recognition technology has presented both remarkable opportunities and significant challenges, particularly related to legality, compliance and ethical implementation.

As a result, the three organisations launched FaceComply as a means to offer “tailored advice” to organisations so they can “confidently embrace the power of facial recognition technology”.

FaceComply says it can offer support on risk assessments, impact evaluations, best practices and the relevant legislative analysis, specific to an organisation’s geographical location and business field of activity.

The service is backed by Corsight AI, Anekanta AI and Advent IM, each of which is said to bring their own specialisms:

  • Corsight is a facial recognition provider, specialising in privacy and anti-bias embedded technology
  • Anekanta AI delivers facial recognition and risk assessment automated reports
  • Advent IM provides expertise in cyber security, data security and information security

The use of facial recognition technology continues to come under scrutiny, particularly from privacy campaigners. Last year, UK food retailer, Co-Op, faced significant opposition to the use of facial recognition in its stores, while campaigners have raised concerns over its potential use at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

“Prioritising privacy while embracing technology”

Each partner has provided comment on the launch of FaceComply.

Tony Porter, Chief Privacy Officer of Corsight AI and former UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner, says:

“The capabilities of facial recognition technology are vast, but they must always be wielded responsibly. FaceComply symbolises our commitment to providing organisations with a privacy-centric approach, navigating compliance intricacies while simultaneously driving technological advancements.

“FaceComply clients will benefit from a range of comprehensive services, including Streamlined Compliance, which eliminates the complexities of compliance by proactively staying ahead of privacy laws and regulations. This ensures effortless adherence to stringent requirements such as the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and emerging international laws”.

“Moreover, our seasoned experts offer a Privacy Focus, providing clients with expert guidance to navigate the intricate landscape of facial recognition technology and privacy regulations. This empowers informed decision-making and sound practices.”

Pauline Norstrom, security industry technology leader and international board director for over 20 years, CEO of Anekanta AI and Anekanta Consulting, also shared her perspective:

“The path toward responsible technological progress requires a comprehensive understanding of potential impacts and risks.

“FaceComply represents a milestone in our commitment to equip organisations with the knowledge and tools they need to adopt facial recognition technology in an operationalised ethical manner in their specific industry and geography. FaceComply provides tailored advice encompassing risk assessment, impact evaluation, and relevant legislation analysis.

“Our Anekanta AI software solution automates the contextual examination of facial recognition regulations in the operating territory and industry, and recommends best practices, risk mitigations and trustworthy principles aligned with the specifics of the use case.”

Mike Gillespie, Founder of Advent IM, underlined the power of collective action:

“FaceComply exemplifies the industry’s unity and shared vision for the future. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment that fosters innovation while maintaining a strong focus on compliance. Together, we are reshaping the very definition of ethical implementation.

“The service includes Proactive Risk Management, enabling the identification and mitigation of risks in real time, preemptively addressing potential privacy breaches to safeguard organisations from reputational harm and regulatory risks.”

Find out more about FaceComply.


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