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October 21, 2015


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Surveillance Camera Commissioner to Advise on Installation Best Practice and Other Security Installer News

tony porter commissionerThe  Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter QPM LLB, will advise CCTV installers on regulatory best practice as part of a panel of expert speakers at a forthcoming BSIA seminar.

Other speakers at the event, which will take place in central London on Thursday 12 November, will include:

  • Pauline Norstrom, BSIA Chairman and COO of AD Group and Dedicated Micros
  • Simon Adcock, managing director of ATEC Security and Chairman of the BSIA’s CCTV Section
  • DCI Mick Neville of the Metropolitan Police’s Central Forensic Imaging Team
  • James Barrett, Operations Manager of Safer London

The British Standards Institute, which is sponsoring the event, will also discuss the benefits of British standards for individual companies as well as the wider economy.

Commenting on his presentation – called ‘Raising Standards: How Installers can do their bit’ – Tony Porter said: “I’m determined to raise standards and the installer community plays a vital role in helping raise standards across the sector. They are often the first port of call for someone who wants to install a surveillance camera system and in the UK we’ve installed a lot: 4-6 million!”

“By offering advice on best practice and referring to the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice they can make a real difference by ensuring consumers understand how to operate CCTV effectively, proportionately and transparently.”

The seminar is free to attend for those who register, while exhibition opportunities are available for security companies to showcase products and services to a range of London-based users and buyers.

SNC Toolbox Mobile App Saves Time and Cuts Installation Costs, Claims Sony

Sony has released an app that purports to simplify the setting up of surveillance cameras.

The SNC Toolbox mobile set-up tool displays live camera images via a plug-in Wi-Fi dongle that allows the installer to adjust field of view and focus.

Negating the need for a laptop or installation monitor or trailing cables, basic installation can be done by a single person, saving installers time and cutting costs, says Sony.

Fine adjustments often require an installer to call a control room from the top of a ladder. Even cameras equipped with analogue video output require an installer to hold a portable video monitor in order to adjust zoom and focus settings.

With SNC Toolbox mobile installers can view live video from the camera on the screen of their smartphone or tablet, check settings on the camera and adjust zoom and focus without a PC or camera.

Installers can plug in the optional IFU-WLM3 USB Wireless LAN Module to Sony’s 4K camera, the SNC-VM772R. The NFC function then sets up a secure connection between the camera and mobile device and the app uses a direct Wi-Fi connection.

SNC toolbox mobile also lets you control other features for the SNC-VM772R, including aspect ratio, image stabiliser and distortion correction.

The SNC toolbox mobile app is available for free on Google play for Android and App Store for iOS.

OPTEX Hopes to Cut Nuisance Alarms with Free Installer Training and Support

Sensor manufacturer Optex is hoping to reduce nuisance alarms by offering complimentary training and technical support to installers, customers and remote video monitoring centres.

Misaligned OPTEX sensors can cause an overspill and unwanted nuisance alarms – which is what happened when Stourbridge bakery IcedJems installed two OPTEX HX-40 high-mount detectors.

The sensors, which covered the building’s approach, sent any alerts to a CCTV system connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Installed by a third-party the system was far too sensitive and frequently triggered by large vehicles. OPTEX managed the identify the cause, as Tony Lloyd, father of the store owner, explains.

“The sensors were overspilling by three degrees onto the road and being triggered by the smallest movement, such as a bus driving past, until we aligned them properly. Now they are working perfectly.”

Lloyd, a CCTV security consultant at Lloyd Asset Protection, continued:  “That such a small installation error can cause nuisance alarms highlights to all installers that conducting a minimalist ‘walk-through’ test isn’t enough to tell whether the equipment is fully functioning.”

Says Ricky Miwa, managing director of OPTEX Europe: “But no matter how good and stable our sensors are, they have to be correctly installed for best results. With this in mind, OPTEX’s training and technical support is there to ensure nuisance alarms are reduced, and the security application is functioning at 100 percent, 24/7.”

D Link Launches Smart Installers Programme (SIP)

D-Link has launched a Smart Installers Programme (SIP) in the UK and Ireland.

Aimed at physical-security installers who sell to small- to medium-sized businesses and homes the SIP could, according to the network-equipment multinational, boost profit margins and offer price advantages as well as offering deal registration pricing, a training and accreditation programme and a range of sales and support tools.

Security installers that wish to partner with D-Link can access the wide range of benefits via an exclusive online portal and receive support through a dedicated account team that can advise on pricing and pre-sales technical queries.

The online portal allows users to register deals, apply for demo products and secure prices whilst NFR tools such as Surveillance Floor Planner Pro and Bandwidth Calculator aid installers in planning and creating new surveillance solution projects.

The Smart Installer Program will support its end-to-end networking solutions.

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October 30, 2015 3:58 pm

There’s been a recent influx of DIY cloud security cameras
within the market. How do they fare against the substantially more expensive surveillance cameras that require professional installation?

Cameras like Y-cam and Withings can be set up in minutes and offer free cloud storage which looks quite appealing to the average home owner. Any thoughts?