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November 7, 2022

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Whitepaper: Multi-residential access management – The move to digital

Case study

Taitung region uses BriefCam video content analytics to support policing efforts

BriefCam has provided an AI-driven video analytics platform for Taiwan’s Taitung County Police Bureau to ‘streamline’ investigations and reduce the time and manpower required to review evidence. 

The Taitung Police is tasked with investigating criminal cases and traffic accidents with minimal video surveillance infrastructure and is said to rely heavily on evidence captured by private surveillance devices and community cooperation in sharing evidence resources. Historically, officers had to ‘manually review this footage’, analysing video second-by-second to identify the people and vehicles involved in each case. This resulted in ‘slow and inefficient’ investigations and ‘forced’ leadership to choose between sending officers to the field to prevent crime or dedicating its time to reviewing video surveillance.

“BriefCam has enabled our officers to exert half the effort and achieve twice the results,” said a senior public safety section chief for the Taitung County Police Bureau. “It has transformed our police investigation into a truly intelligent process. Whether we are trying to understand the movement of the people or vehicles involved in a case or provide critical evidence to support our findings, the software helps us analyse and realize the full potential of video data at our disposal.”

The integration of the AI-driven platform ‘streamlined’ video search and forensic investigation, based on a wide range of filters. Investigators are now able to pinpoint persons and objects of interest in video by filtering based on people classifications (male, female, child), clothing characteristics (colour, hat, mask) as well as speed, direction or path of travel. As a result, video investigations can now be conducted by ‘a single officer’, freeing others to actively serve their community.

“One of the unique differentiators of our technology is its openness and flexibility as a platform, and this includes the ability to ingest video from either a Video Management System for real-time processing or from video files for post-event investigation,” said Ryan Fairclough, Managing Director APAC, BriefCam. “This means that the police and the community can work together to ensure the safety of the citizens. We are thrilled that our solution has made such a difference in the Taitung Bureau’s ability to solve cases and police its streets.”


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