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October 13, 2021

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Video analytics

The role of the edge in the future of video analytics

In a webinar hosted by Axis Communications, Axis Solutions Engineer, Wayne Davis and Axis Eco-System Manager, Bjorn Callenfors, explore the latest developments in video analytics software applications and where the technology could be headed in the future via the edge. IFSEC Global rounds-up the key takeaways from the discussion.

Video analytics are described by Axis as being a software application that can automatically generate descriptions of what is happening in a video. The information gathered can then be used to create lists of people, cars and other objects detected in a video stream, as well as their appearance and movements.

The system then uses this data to determine an appropriate course of action, for example, whether to notify security staff or begin a recording. Recent growth in the use of video analytics software has facilitated an increase in security incidents being caught and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Eco-System Manager, Bjorn Callenfors, begins the webinar by discussing the future of ACAP (Axis Camera Application Platform), a software that makes it possible to run an application straight onto a camera (or the edge) without the need for an external server.

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The future of ACAP is being able to ‘slice and dice’ an application by sharing data between the Edge and the Cloud. Bjorn goes on to provide real-life examples of how Axis partners are already utilising this technology. Many businesses are currently encouraging the use of face masks in company buildings, utilising ACAP software ensures that all individuals entering the premises are abiding to company policy. Using processing power on the Edge allows entry into the building in a swift and efficient manner without the use of physical manpower.

Edge Software, used to describe a technology at ‘the edge’ of a network, is mentioned at multiple points throughout the webinar.

Experts describe the programme as being, in this context, a technology which allows the running of applications on the camera itself as opposed to a separate server. This means that companies who use the Edge don’t need to buy an entire suite of analytics – instead, they can simply pick and choose those that are suitable.

Solutions Engineer, Wayne Davis, goes on to explain the uses of Axis’ current generation of ARTPEC7, an automatic detection software. Wayne explains how third-party companies are beginning to make use of the technology and will continue to do so as the programme develops in the future.

The company also recently released the Q1615 MkIII Network Camera, featuring an AI that incorporates deep learning and Edge-based processing. The result of this is said to be distinctively clearer CCTV footage.

Greater granularity means the software can classify even partially visible and upside-down objects, an extremely prevalent technological advancement.

To watch the full webinar, click here. 

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