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Roger Lawrence is Product Manager for Video Security at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. Beginning his career in the industry in 1990, Roger is highly experienced in broadcast engineering, professional audio, network systems, CCTV systems and network video surveillance. Since joining Sony, Roger has acquired an expert knowledge of camera technology, Video and Audio processing techniques, and IP networking, across roles ranging from video production engineer to product quality engineer and product specialist. Over the last 10 years Roger has been working predominantly within the Video Security and Visual communications business segments, in a variety of roles covering the EMEA region. In his current role, Roger manages Sony’s range of network-based video security products, including IP cameras, network recorders, CCTV and security software. Roger believes market awareness is a key element, and regularly represents Sony at major industry trade shows as well regional events.
June 16, 2014

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The Video Security Market and What to Expect from IFSEC

Sony Europe is exhibiting at IFSEC International 2014 on stand G600


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When: 17-19 June 2014
Where: ExCeL, London

The past 12 months have seen a raft of technologies hit the video security market.

From thermal imaging through to 360-degree cameras, the range and sophistication of these technologies helped the sector to outperform expectations in 2013, and is forecast to do the same this year. As a result, we’re sure to see a wide array of products launched at this week’s IFSEC show, but what will be the heavy hitters in video security this year?

The imaging capabilities of today’s cameras are increasing year-on-year, but as the quality increases, the price points for more advanced technology are decreasing, fuelling demand across all markets.

Looking ahead
At the beginning of the year, research company IHS predicted that the global video security market will experience growth of around 12 per cent in 2014.
CCTV featured
Image resolution and visual enhancement technologies will always be a key area, and HD and Full HD will become ubiquitous this year. Users from every industry can appreciate the benefits of improved image quality, and are looking to combine this with IP solutions. In fact, HD IP cameras are already overtaking conventional analogue video solutions. My organisation, Sony, demonstrated the potential for 4K at ISC West, and is set to showcase this in London at IFSEC 2014. With image resolution four times that of HD, strong uptake in the video security market may herald the latest evolution in imaging technology for security professionals.

4K will allow users to monitor and review large areas in greater detail, and with fewer cameras. The use of 4K displays will also allow the operator to view up to 4 full HD images on screen in quad-view, as well as viewing 4K camera feeds at native resolution, providing a major improvement in the user experience.

The future is IP
IP-based solutions came to the fore in the last year as many end users realised the benefits of network cameras. This surge in customer interest has been driven both by rapid improvements in technology – such as the clarity of High Definition and low-light-capable cameras – and increased system flexibility and value in terms of total cost of ownership.  Additional elements, such as high resolution 360-degree cameras and cost-effective storage solutions have helped make IP video surveillance cameras an attractive option for companies of all sizes. High quality solutions are now affordable and, most importantly, manageable.

Certain markets, such as the transport and urban surveillance sectors, have already seen widespread adoption of HD IP solutions and are reaping the benefits of excellent image quality combined with remote maintenance features and a strong return on investment. It’s only logical that IP adoption will spread across further sectors and continue to grow, and as a result we can look forward to a range of new IP-based offerings on show in London at IFSEC 2014.

According to IHS, the runaway hit of 2014 from a form factor perspective will be multi-dimensional cameras; 360-degree and 180-degree panoramic network cameras. Once again the emphasis on vertical applications for this technology is likely to have a large presence at IFSEC 2014 as businesses look to reap the cost benefits of being able to cover wide areas with fewer cameras.

It’s not just about the cameras
Cameras and hardware aside, IHS forecasts that the market for security analytics software is set to be worth nearly €400m in 2017. One of the benefits of IP camera systems is their ability to provide reliable motion detection and rule-based analytics, even face detection, at the edge device itself. This can assist with everything from event management to speeding up forensic review of recordings. The retail and transportation sectors require more advanced techniques, such as people counting, or more in-depth analysis – including pattern or route recognition – which can be provided by such systems. This becomes especially relevant as we look into the wider technology marketplace, where big data and behavioural analysis have become key strategies for organisations looking to improve customer relations and more effective marketing and sales conversion through more intelligent targeting.  Having the ability to trace customer movement around a retail store or fast food restaurant, for example, can help with layout and product placement, and ultimately boost sales of specific products. We see this type of alternative use for video surveillance cameras as demonstrating real potential this year.

There are many areas where the video security industry is on the brink of greatness, with so many areas for development, and as a result IFSEC 2014 could be the most exciting year yet. New, innovative technology on the horizon, from both a hardware and software perspective, coupled with the emerging vertical markets for growth, could present huge opportunities for all of us in this bourgeoning sector.

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