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November 1, 2023


Whitepaper: Enhancing security, resilience and efficiency across a range of industries

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Yves Rocher implements retail AI surveillance box to improve store management and customer experience

IDIS has partnered with French cosmetic and beauty brand Yves Rocher to implement its AI Box for Retail for people counting, heatmapping and occupancy monitoring purposes, to help expand the retailer’s growing network of stores.

Key to Yves Rocher’s security plans was advanced remote monitoring and business intelligence analytics to give its central management team greater understanding and control over branch operations.

The company needed a video solution to reduce shrinkage, improve customer service, drive sales, and improve staff performance.

This was challenging, IDIS said, due to a wide array of existing analogue and IP cameras in place, as well as an inflexible VMS. Cameras were obtrusive and did not provide comprehensive coverage in HD quality.

The system also had no analytics functionality, meaning a labour-intensive people counting solution was being used, which drove up operating costs.

IDIS, together with Secom Türkiye, replaced the existing mix-and-match system with a 5MP IR fisheye camera (DC-Y6516WRX-A), managed and controlled via IDIS Center in the stores, and IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) Expert VMS at Yves Rocher’s head office.

AI box used for queue monitoring and heat mapping

Footage is recorded locally on a 4-channel IDIS DR-2504P NVR. The single-camera solution helps to create a smoother system operation for retail staff and is designed for full HD coverage of the whole store.

Each store was equipped with a compact IDIS AI Box for Retail (DV-1304), to deliver a wider range of analytics functions, including people counting, queue monitoring, heat mapping and occupancy monitoring.

People counting data from all the stores is transmitted to the ISS server, and then collected in Yves Rocher’s SQL server for sharing with the NEBİM retail ERP solution, according to IDIS. This is designed to enable Yves Rocher to analyse daily, weekly, or monthly sales turnover and visitor numbers, comparing sales campaign periods against regular periods, allowing a more accurate evaluation of marketing.

Can Egemen Yalçın, IT Manager for Yves Rocher said: “Yves Rocher’s global success is built on outstanding customer service, focused management, and operational efficiency. Our new, advanced video and analytics solution from IDIS now gives us an exciting foundation for further innovation.”

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