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June 30, 2014


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Video: Milestone Systems launch the new Milestone Husky Series at IFSEC 2014

Milestone Systems launched their new Milestone Husky Series at IFSEC International 2014, introducing a new range of high-performance network video recorders pre-installed with their award-winning video management software.

In this video Thomas Lausten, Vice President – Sales, Milestone Systems EMEA, explains how the new Husky range offers simple, turnkey solutions that can also be connected to each other in a way which is easy to scale. Thomas points out that “each Husky can be configured in 50 different ways” to meet the requirements and demands of end-users.

The three key Milestone Husky products announced a week before IFSEC were the entry-level M10, M30 up to the premier M50, each appealing to different market segments:

  • Milestone Husky M10 is a small, fanless model – a turnkey solution designed entry-level surveillance, supporting up to 8 cameras with a truly simple interface. The set-up is so easy that Milestone were running a competition at IFSEC for attendees race to install the NVR.
  • Milestone Husky M30 is the workstation solution built for more comprehensive surveillance needs. It comes in 10 and 20 base configurations, but you can also add-on cameras if you need more, and includes many of Milestone’s XProtect VMS features such as maps, alarm manager, PTZ etc.
  • Milestone Husky M50 is the premier rack-mounted solution for advanced video surveillance. It has the same great features as the Milestone M30 except with more storage and channels (up to 80) and a RAID option. Milestone also have a hybrid version of the M50 with 32 channels that can be used for analogue cameras, IP cameras, or a combination of both.

Milestone Husky is available in most of Europe and parts of the Middle East. It will continue to roll out to Africa and the remaining regions of EMEA by the end of this year. To find out how easy it is to configure a Milestone Husky solution online just go to www.milestonehusky.com

Also at IFSEC International 2014, Milestone and Canon celebrated their new union with what Rokus van Iperen, CEO of Canon Europe, Middle East and Africa is calling “a great marriage”.

For more Milestone products and news make sure to visit the Milestone Systems directory listing on IFSEC Global.

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