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Want to be seen as a thought-leader within the security and fire industry?

By becoming a guest writer you can boost both your company’s profile and your personal brand by sharing your expertise with our community.

Please read our guidelines below and pitch your article ideas to Adam.Bannister@ubm.com along with any examples of previous work.

Guidelines for submitting a guest article

Do you know what you’re talking about? 

The blog should be on a subject you have some knowledge of or experience in. We’re much more interested in articles from people within the industry – their views carry much more credibility.

This is not to say we will reject articles from accomplished writers – but you must do your research on the subject!

Write for our audience

IFSEC Global caters to the the security industry. And this means the entire supply chain: everyone from manufacturers to the people who install security systems and those who procure, manage and operate CCTV, access control and intruder alarm systems.

If you have any questions about what would make for interesting article, do get in touch.


We only accept articles which are original, as duplicate copy on two websites is viewed negatively by Google and helps no-one. Please make sure than any submissions are exclusive to our website.

How long should the blog be?

The best articles are concise and to the point. As a rough guide try to keep it between 600-1,000 words in length. By all means go longer – but as the article continues you’ll be speaking to a dwindling audience as readers decide they’ve read enough. Why waste your time?

Add visual examples, graphs and videos

The more ‘colour’ you can add to a blog the better. Ask yourself whether a graph or table of data would help visualise your point better than text and and provide links to relevant videos.

Lists and bullet points are recommended

Easy to read, and easy to write, it’s worth including a bullet-pointed list of recommendation is every article.

Your personal bio and headshot

Please supply us with a headshot image, and a couple of lines about you and what you do, along with your preferred website link.

Help us promote your article

It’s in both our interests if you promote your article on social media platforms. Don’t be shy! We’ll certainly help you out on that front. The more eyeballs we can get on your content, the better!

Submit your ideas to Adam.Bannister@ubm.com along with any examples of previous work.