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March 19, 2020


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Abloy BEAT – Bluetooth enabled, digital padlock solution unveiled

Abloy-BEAT-20Abloy has launched Abloy BEAT, a mobile digital key and weatherproof Bluetooth padlock solution to secure critical infrastructure and commercial or industrial sites.

Managed via the visual Abloy OS user interface, Abloy BEAT is the company’s latest innovation in digital security. Three main components make up the solution: a digital key, a mobile application and a heavy-duty, Bluetooth padlock.

The solution has been introduced to support businesses who are searching for more convenient and accessible security devices – particularly in remote areas, where security departments don’t want users to be carrying physical keys with them, where they can be easily lost or misplaced.

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Aaron Yule, Managing Director at Abloy UK, said: “The Abloy BEAT is part of the ongoing ‘keyvolution’, heralding a new era of effortless connectivity, without a physical key. Yet there are no keyless locks. The key has just taken on some new forms.

“Leveraging on our heritage and expertise in high-level security, we have built a new digital key. It is encrypted with the most advanced Seos credential technology, developed by HID Global. Used with your mobile device, the digital key provides best-in-class security and privacy protection.”

Combining a digital key with a heavy-duty Bluetooth padlock

BEAT is designed especially for professional physical protection of critical infrastructure, businesses and industry sites. It physically secures property while offering customers improved operational efficiency, reducing both logistics and costs.

As well as helping to secure property and improve efficiency, the padock is also saif to save on fuel emissions, making it a sustainable option. The solution is intended to be used in sectors like telecom, transport and logistics, utilities (water, electricity, gas) and data centres.

The digital BEAT key connects to the physical heavy-duty, Bluetooth padlock, designed to perform in harsh environments and remote areas. The padlock has an IP68 protection rating, a case-hardened steel body and LED indications for lock status. It complements the current Abloy ‘Super Weather Proof’ range of padlocks.

A futureproof security solution?

Abloy explains that BEAT can be integrated with existing security workflow solutions, but it can also be implemented as a standalone locking solution with Abloy OS. The software enables management of keys, locks, and access rights on-the-go and remotely from a single, easy-to-use and highly visual interface.

With the launch, the Abloy digital portfolio now includes both keyless (BEAT), electromechanical (PROTEC2 CLIQ) and mechanical (Abloy PROTEC2) options. In the near future, all options, including the mechanical PROTEC2, will be managed with the same Abloy OS interface.

Abloy BEAT will be showcased at IFSEC International (UK) during 8-10 September. Register your interest here!

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