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March 25, 2021


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Case study

Barcelona office implements key-free secure access solution

To improve interior security while reducing the need for keys, a co-working space in Barcelona has implemented Code Handle Door locks from ASSA ABLOY.

ASSAABloy-AugustaBarcelona-21Augusta 29 supplies flexible office rentals to small companies and those without a permanent HQ, as well as services including mail handling, virtual assistants and meeting room bookings. Part of its remit is to control access everywhere in a secure and efficient way, separating private from public areas around the workspace.

Managers sought a keyless system; a secure, wire-free digital alternative to keys and access smartcards which would help them stand out in Spain’s booming co-working sector. Any solution for private offices and meeting rooms should enable them to achieve this as simply as possible — without having to hand out and track many mechanical keys, as they had done in the past.

Code Handle Door locks now enable Augusta 29 to offer its tenants simple, keyless locking. Clients gain convenient access to their rented offices via individual 4- to 6-digit PINs. With Code Handle’s optional auto-locking feature enabled, offices are securely locked once the door is closed.

There is no need for Augusta 29 staff — or anyone else —to manage physical keys, nor for any wires or access control system. Administrators issue up to nine different user PINs per lock, which they can cancel or change anytime.

The project ran in two phases. After a successful 2015 installation of 13 Code Handle locks, managers rolled out a further 27 in 2020. Meeting rooms are fitted with Code Handle locks, making them more private. “The main advantage for us is that users can go to the office with no keys, as it provides enough security for our needs,” says Augusta 29’s CEO, Miguel Ángel Villota Mocho.

Installation was said to be straightforward. Retrofitting a Code Handle to almost any interior door requires two screws: the existing cylinder remains, with just a change of handle. “Code Handle locks are easy to configure and program,” Miguel adds.

The brushed steel and chrome styling offers product design to support the premium feel of the office interior, according to Miguel, as they “fit perfectly with the types of doors we have and the overall design of the business centre.”

Find out more about Code Handle electronic PIN door locking.

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