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November 6, 2023


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Security product round-up – October 2023

IFSEC Insider takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout October 2023. This month we cover releases from the likes of Peoplesafe, Dahua Technology, ASSA ABLOY, Hanwha Vision, and Eagle Eye Networks.

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:

Sunstone Systems

RAFT unveiled for remote power and IoT connectivity

Sunstone Systems has announced the launch of the Rapid Autonomous Frontier Technology (RAFT) System.

The product builds on Sunstone Systems’ range of wireless, clean energy, remote power systems which  have been deployed in oil & gas environments. One such placement according to the firm, for seven years, has been in Tengiz Kazakhstan, where the RAFT system is designed to elevate its capabilities for power generation, CO2 savings, and adaptable deployment solutions across a wide spectrum of industries including security, construction and rail.

The RAFT System is designed to excel where traditional power sources fail, by integrating IoT devices, renewable energy, and connectivity. Said to be ideal for extreme and hostile environments, the product can operate from temperatures between -40°C to +50°C,and is guarded against dust and moisture.

The product also has QuickGrid integration, a 2.4KW solar array for increased power and efficiency along with a centralised control system which is location in one cabinet.


BioStation 2a launched for access control

Suprema has released a deep learning-based fingerprint recognition solution for access control.

The AI algorithm is based on deep learning with an AI processor and NPU(Neural Processing Unit).

Through deep learning, the device is designed to extract templates from low-quality fingerprints, such as those that are noisy or distorted which, the firm said, has improved accuracy by 30%.

Additionally, the device is said to improve fingerprint recognition speed with a 1.5GHz Quad CPU(Processor) designed to support up to 50,000 users in 1:1 matching and 100,000 users in 1:N matching.

BioStation 2a offers a range of credential options including fingerprint, RFID, and mobile access (BLE/NFC), aimed at enhancing user experience and security at the same time, along with an extended USB host to add-on new features.

The device can suit environments from outdoor spaces to indoor settings, the firm said, such as small offices or large enterprise buildings. The device is also said to have operating temperature ranges from -20℃ to 60℃ for added durability in rugged conditions.


New line of CCTV products announced

Ajax Systems hosted its fifth Ajax Special Event, an online showcase of the latest devices and new software features revealing new CCTV products to its portfolio.

The cameras are: TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini, with each model having one of four possible configurations: a lens with a viewing angle of 85 or 110 degrees and 3K or 4K resolution.

The cameras are also said to adapt to changing light with True WDR technology, which fixes uneven lighting in complex scenes, frame by frame, in real-time, along with being equipped with a digital microphone and noise cancellation system.

The products use the Ajax Cloud to transmit system events with proprietary JetSparrow technology helping in faster peer-to-peer transmission of video data.

The cameras use AI analysis which is designed to detect and recognise various object types, such as humans, vehicles, and pets. As a result, the surveillance system is able to record only relevant events, conserving storage space.

Abloy UK

Wireless cabinet lock launched

Abloy UK has launched Aperio KL100 – a battery powered wireless access solution for lockers, cabinets, cupboards and drawers, to help improve the security of valuables and personal items.

The device is said to allow almost any small opening to become an integral part of an access control system, helping to secure things such as personal valuables, medicines, sensitive documents, retail stock, sports kit and more, while deterring unauthorised access and theft.

Available in two different lengths and several CAM options, the KL100 is a retrofit solution, and can be fitted to most wooden or metal lockers, cabinets, or drawers.

The wireless lock is said to need no specialist maintenance and is powered by one battery, which only uses power when a credential is presented, removing the hassle and inflexibility of physical keys, believes Abloy UK.

The lock system can also be operated with mobile keys via Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC, as well as smartcards and fobs using all major RFID technologies. Multiple credential technologies can be used simultaneously, according to the firm, meaning security managers can implement mobile keys when convenient.

The Aperio KL100 is designed to integrate with any new or existing access control and security system.

System managers can choose between connected Online, Offline or OSS compliant integration.

Online management is designed to enable real-time control over every KL100 lock, with easier access rights administration and instant availability of audit trails for any opening or user — which can make incident investigation faster and more accurate.

Milestone Systems

Milestone announces Kite Camera to Cloud

Milestone Systems announces an upcoming release of a camera-to-cloud deployment option for its Milestone Kite video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) software.

The new option aims to offer greater simplicity and cost-efficiency to customers. As an alternative or expansion to gateway installations, Camera to Cloud is designed to build on Milestone’s focus on flexible and scalable solutions that support evolving needs.

The solution works with a series of Axis cameras pre-installed with AI-based Axis Object Analytics. All computing, recording and video storage take place on the cameras, which is said to connect directly to the Milestone Kite cloud. This is designed to reduce bandwidth load and associated costs, as well as installation and maintenance costs.

Camera to Cloud, Milestone believes, is particularly suitable for businesses with multiple locations with a small number of cameras at each site. It can also be beneficial for those with limited IT knowledge, bandwidth limitations or situations where installing on-site gateway hardware is not feasible.

Companies already using Milestone Kite with gateways are said to be able to expand to new sites with Camera to Cloud, managed as part of the same Kite service as the gateway deployments.

The Camera to Cloud offering is set to be released in Q1, 2024.


Digital evidence management system released for investigations

Genetec has released Genetec Clearance, a digital evidence management system which is designed to enable the remote retrieval of video recordings from physical security systems across transit agency sites and fleets to help speed up investigations.

This has been created by integrating Clearance with the Genetec Security Center Fleet Monitoring module. Using a browser-based system, agencies are said to be able to link their on-board and landside data into a unified solution to manage evidence and the sharing of recordings with internal departments and external partners.

Genetec believes this new solution will reduce more time-consuming, costly processes of dispatching transit personnel to vehicles and stations, transferring video to external drives, and delivering it to requesting parties.

All requests are centrally and securely tracked within Clearance and are designed to go through the agency’s approval process to help ensure they aligned with governance policies before video is shared.

From a web browser, internal departments and external parties are said to be able to request recordings from station cameras and on-board systems, and review video from the same application. Exports from on-board systems include vehicle telematic data, which can be reviewed alongside video uploads. This data, such as vehicle speed, brake, and turn signal activation, is also said to be available to be shared with attorneys and other authorised parties, helping to assess a scene and provide further analysis of events.

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye debuts QL Stream Technology for local live video

Eagle Eye Networks, debuted its Eagle Eye QL Stream, a technology designed to power live, full-resolution, low-latency camera feeds to enhance local video viewing.

With this solution, security professionals are said to be able to directly view surveillance videos that are of higher quality, cybersecure, full resolution, and full-frame rate when on the local network.

Developed to improve the local video viewing experience for all customers, the technology aims to centralise and route video from security cameras to multiple locations.

Comprising a set of web, mobile and cloud technologies, Eagle Eye QL Stream uses secure authorisation to obtain and route live video from security cameras at high resolution and full frame rate. It concentrates all cameras to a single IP address and is designed to reduce camera password management complexity, which can simplify live local viewing.

The product is said to be utilised across the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system), including the Eagle Eye Web App, Eagle Eye Viewer mobile app, Eagle Eye Local Display Station, Eagle Eye Bridge HDMI Local Display, and numerous third-party solutions including video walls and spot monitors.


Enterprise-level personal safety app launched

Peoplesafe have announced an enterprise-level personal safety app on the Apple Watch.

The firm said they are helping to create an enterprise-level solution for any organisation to protect their workforce, aiming to provide a complete safety technology ecosystem for all – whether in the field or on their commute.

The Peoplesafe Pro-App for Apple will now be multi-device compatible and available across the iPhone and Apple Watch.

This development supports the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is a central emergency hub, where all personal safety alarm activations are received and handled within an average 3-second response time.

Employees will now be able to access this across the Apple portfolio, and also have more businesses able to offer their workforce a more accessible, safety solution 24/7, adding to the 220,000 employees already protected by Peoplesafe globally.

Peoplesafe’s strong partnership with BT is also said to help for this deployment as part of their mobility packages which was launched to customers at a special Innovation Partner event with selected companies, at Apple’s European HQ in Battersea Power Station.

Hanwha Vision

IP Audio system unveiled for public security

Hanwha Vision unveiled a new IP Audio system aimed to add an additional layer of security for users and be a further criminal deterrent.

The system can be independently operated as a standalone solution, or can be linked to a video surveillance system. It is also said to support the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which is the Standard for Voice over IP (VoIP) systems.

It can be used for any sized installation, ranging from one to 512 speakers, according to Hanwha. Up to 256 speakers can be accommodated without an audio server, with any number thereafter up to 512 speakers requiring an audio server.

The system is said to be able to broadcast real-time or pre-recorded messages, including Text to Speech messages issued by a control centre. In addition to public address announcements, these can prevent incidents of criminal or antisocial behaviour from happening. Messages can also be broadcast via a microphone.

Messages or music can be broadcast in public areas including train stations, retail shops, hospitals and schools.

When linked to video surveillance, the firm says, the IP Audio system can complement perimeter protection with audio warnings if a potential intrusion is detected within a virtual area. If the system senses human activity in a restricted area that indicates a possible breaching of a fence, it is designed to broadcast an audio message which can be relayed asking any intruders to keep away.

The system supports a number of languages including English, French, and German.

It also features a range of horn, wall, and pendant speakers that are designed to blend in with the aesthetics of different restaurant and retail spaces. The pendant-shaped speakers SPA-P100B/W have a sleek appearance that can be hung from ceilings, while the SPA-W100B/W Wall speaker can be tucked away in an inconspicuous setting.


Answering system launched for residential projects

2N has launched an IP answering unit, the 2N Clip, which is designed to meet the growing demand for IP technology in mid-range residential projects.

The 4″ video device runs on the same operating system as 2N’s premium IP products, offering higher quality audio and video along with cybersecurity and sustainability, which are in demand from more users, the firm says.

The answering unit can be installed in three minutes, according to 2N, and managed and configured remotely via the My2N Management Platform.

Michael Nicholson, 2N’s Business Development Manager for the UK & Ireland, said: “IP technology has transformed access control, enhancing both security and convenience. But in the residential sector, there has been a common perception that IP technology is only affordable in high-end, luxury projects. The 2N Clip completely up-ends that idea, and will help deliver 2N’s mission to bring the benefits of IP technology to every type of home.”

ASSA ABLOY and Doorview

Multi-functional mobile app for fire door inspections

Doorview use ASSA ABLOY’s new mobile app to digitalise inspection reports designed to increase efficiency with clients.

Used by architects and building specifiers to help with more accurate and efficient design and construction, the Openings Studio mobile app now also equips inspectors with faster and more transparent reporting tools.

It achieves this by leveraging the same information from the beginning of the design phase through to maintenance of the completed structure.

Doorview offer customers advice on the specification and packaging of door solutions, including timber and steel doors/screens and architectural ironmongery and used ASSA ABLOY’s desktop and new mobile application to help streamline the fire door inspection process and reporting.

Doorview said this has made the process more simple to create and share quotes for any corrective work required for compliance, and subsequent updating of their report with images once works were complete.

The mobile app also enables the firm to share a remedial action list, which can reassure clients that their building is compliant and safe for all residents, service providers and other users.

ASSA ABLOY believes becoming digital has helped to increase the transparency of the inspection and compliance process.

Dahua Technology

Image quality and intelligence boost for WizMind S series

Dahua Technology has released IPC WizMind S series of cameras designed to improve image performance and withstand challenging environments.

The image quality of the S series has been improved with Deeplight – a deep learning algorithm that reduces image noise in challenging low light environments – and WDR technology, which, according to the firm, helps to avoid inconsistencies between bright and dark areas, producing clearer images.

Time-division exposure technology provides clearer image snapshots when intelligent functions are being used, including video metadata, which is designed to produce optimum images by detecting and capturing up to 100 targets simultaneously, while selecting the best images and relevant attributes.

Smart sound detection on the devices is designed to alert operators to incidents by recognising different sounds – such as a scream or breaking glass – while perimeter protection is more enhanced with an upgraded algorithm model that is designed to detect targets with up to 99% accuracy.

Cameras in the WizMind S series are also said to be more resilient, supporting dual power backup (except the box camera models), enabling the camera to switch to an alternative power source without restarting or interruption, providing seamless coverage of a scene.

Additionally, the H models in the series offer P-iris for more precise lens aperture control, as well as an anti-corrosion coating for extra protection in highly corrosive environments, dual mic with a maximum 18m range and 80dB single sound source pickup.

A heating function is designed to help the unit withstand operating and storage temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60 °C.

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