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August 21, 2023


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Fingerprints and BenjiLock sign deal to advance biometric access locking solutions

Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) has entered into a global agreement with BenjiLock, a US-based design company of premium biometric lock solutions, to advance the latter’s biometric access locking solutions.

BenjiLock-Fingerprint-BiometricLock-23The deal will see BenjiLock incorporate Fingerprints’ biometric sensor, software and algorithm into its designs for physical access security solutions, including patented TSA-accepted biometric locks and equipment cases.

The company says the move will help to address the market demand for enhanced security.

BenjiLock, which won investment from Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary on US television show ‘Shark Tank’ in 2017, has set out to “redefine the personal security experience using hybrid technology and with the consumer in mind”.

The collaboration between Fingerprints and BenjiLock will accelerate new innovations in a wide range of markets worldwide, the two say.

BenjiLock currently offers two main product types – fingerprint sensor padlocks and fingerprint sensor door locks.

“Combine our expertise in biometric technology”

“We are excited to partner with BenjiLock and contribute our advanced sensors and software to its product portfolio,” said Michel Roig, President of Payment and Access at Fingerprints.

“This collaboration allows us to combine our expertise in biometric technology with BenjiLock’s passion for innovation, enabling us to offer customers superior security solutions that are both reliable and user-friendly.”

Robbie Cabral, Founder and CEO of BenjiLock, commented: “We are thrilled to enter this exclusive partnership with Fingerprints – this collaboration is a testament to our dedication to offering cutting-edge security solutions that redefine the industry. By leveraging Fingerprints’ advanced biometric technology, we can further elevate the security standards of our products, providing customers with peace of mind, safety and convenience.”

“BenjiLocks’ partnership with Fingerprints exemplifies the incredible power of Shark Tank and entrepreneurship,” says Kevin O’Leary, Chairman of O’Leary Ventures and investor in BenjiLock.

“Building upon the early success with key retailers, this strategic relationship propels the BenjiLock brand to a global stage, opening doors for licensing opportunities in various industries, including TSA-accepted biometric locks.”

Following the announcement, IFSEC Insider spoke to BenjiLock to find out a bit more about the agreement.

IFSEC Insider: BenjiLock already has fingerprint sensors in its products – what will Fingerprints’ technology mean for these?

BenjiLock: Fingerprints’ technology brings a new level of advancement to BenjiLock’s existing fingerprint sensors. It enhances the accuracy, security, and speed of biometric authentication, making our products even more reliable and convenient for users. With Fingerprints’ technology, we can offer a seamless and secure user experience, ensuring quicker access to belongings.

What sets BenjiLock apart is its distinction as the first-of-its-kind hybrid technology accepted by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and Travel Sentry approved. This prestigious recognition enables travellers to use BenjiLock’s fingerprint hybrid padlock to secure their belongings while complying with airport security regulations. With acceptance in over 30 countries worldwide, BenjiLock’s hybrid technology has set a new standard in travel security, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for users across the globe.

This recognition underscores the potential for further innovation and collaboration with Fingerprints to enhance security and convenience in the travel sector and beyond.

IFSEC Insider: Is BenjiLock now looking to expand outside of the US – and if so any markets/regions in particular the company is targeting?

BenjiLock: Absolutely, BenjiLock is actively pursuing expansion beyond the United States, aligning with our vision of establishing a global presence. While our primary focus remains on North America, where we’ve solidified a strong foothold, we’re also targeting key markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, and other regions.

Our collaboration with Fingerprints is a pivotal move in our quest for global expansion. By joining forces, we’ll expedite the creation of enhanced reference designs for our customers. This partnership not only bolsters our product capabilities but also streamlines the deployment of advanced security solutions to an expanded international user base.

By harnessing Fingerprints’ expertise and technology, we’re poised to efficiently license our intellectual property and offer cutting-edge reference designs to manufacturers, OEMs, and ODMs worldwide. This strategic partnership seamlessly aligns with our expansion strategy, ensuring that our state-of-the-art security solutions benefit users across diverse markets and regions.


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