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November 17, 2023

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Whitepaper: Multi-residential access management – The move to digital

Key management system installed at Loughborough University

Key management systems from Traka have been installed at Loughborough University, for more efficient processes and controlled access for contractors across the 523-acre single-site campus.

A top 20 research-led university in the country, Loughborough offers facilities with integrated security for the students, staff and visitors.

Alongside academic departments, the Loughborough campus comprises 350 buildings, including 17 halls of residence, the Student’s Union, two gyms, gardens and playing fields.  As a result, facility managers on-site operate over 25,000 keys all of which require careful management for use by its 5,223 staff.

Implementing Traka’s key management solutions has helped manage contractor access on-site, which is often required outside of office hours or during holiday periods, the university said. To date, seven systems allow automated access control to authorised personnel with complete audit trail capability to manage the keys from being taken to the point of return.

“A complex security issue”

Mark Findley, Stores and Key Room Co-ordinator at Loughborough University said: “The sheer size of Loughborough University and the number of keys in operation, presents a complex security issue.  It is designed as a ‘welcoming’ public space for our students.  This must be balanced with managing constant visitor traffic, securing multiple buildings, and managing the number of contractors on site as we continue to strive for excellence.

“Keys have to be easily located and ready for use to ensure works programmes are not delayed that may impact the university operations.  We needed a smarter solution, and Traka helped us right from the design process, through to implementation and continues to grow with us. Traka’s secure key cabinets produce time and cost savings for us  as Security doesn’t need to be called out every time a contractor needs a key or access and we can instantly account for who is on-site and what work is being carried out.”

Automated emails for visitor access

Loughborough University recently added a Traka key cabinet to a residential development, offering 60-room facilities.  The key management system is designed for visitors to receive an automated email with door numbers and access requirements relating to the length of their stay. This removes the need for reception operators to provide access at weekends or over holiday periods – a clear cost saving for the University.

Traka also said they are looking at ways to support the Student Union for students requiring temporary access to different rooms for club meetings.

Findley added: “The flexibility and scalability of the Traka system is beneficial to the site team at Loughborough University. It ensures the highest level of security at all times and removes the risk of human error. It also allows us to adapt and grow our access management capabilities in lockstep with the evolving needs of our dynamic campus environment.”

Tom Smith, Traka UK Sales Director concluded: “ Our work with Loughborough University is a ,true partnership.  We work closely with our universities right from the initial design and specification process where we can understand the issues faced by the team.  We can then implement a bespoke solution with countless advantages, including contractor management. We’re proud to work with Loughborough  – not only to enhance security but also  to alleviate stretched resource issues, to enable the university to operate seamlessly for the benefit of all its staff, students and visitors.”

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