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June 19, 2015

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Working with the insider threat

MorphoWave Biometrics Innovation at IFSEC 2015

“I don’t even have to stop; I  just have to pass through it.”

With decades of experience in fingerprint and facial recognition, Safran is now taking the next step with a new touchless and frictionless fingerprint recognition device. Promising the same accuracy as the best devices on the market the Morphowave can capture up to four fingerprints at once in a completely contact-free way.

As director of sales, Biometric Terminals, Matthew Insley explained at the stand, the Morphowave manager software is already integrated into thousand of access control systems. “From the user point of view it is very easy to slide in this additional layer of biometrical certification into existing  systems,” he explained.

This new device can be used to recognise up to 10,000 people, guaranteeing a consistent and high level of accuracy, so between the many applications possible, it turns out to be extremely advantageous for  high volume turnstiles.

“People used to be quite sceptical about biometrics and the guilt rests with the biometrical industry itself,” said Insley. “But now it is so much more accepted into everyday life – see, for example, the iPhone fingerprint unlock – and most people now understand that is not about stealing data or identity; biometrics is about protecting it.”

MorphoWave is the World’s first biometric access solution to capture four fingerprints with a single hand movement. It implements a patented, truly contactless technology that not only acquires extremely accurate fingerprint data but also overcomes the challenges wet/dry fingers and latent prints pose to conventional scanning systems.

The touchless acquisition capability provided by MorphoWave allows users to remain ‘on the move’ when passing through a control point, making it ideal for securing high traffic areas.

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