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January 1, 2014

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Whitepaper: Multi-residential access management – The move to digital

Tyco launches new version of lightweight hand-held card reading device

The S3040 is a lightweight hand-held card reading device for use with the AC2000 access control and security management system.

Rajeev Samanta, Regional Sales Director, South Asia, Tyco Security Products, states that ‘S3040 is required where mobility is paramount. It can be used by a security guard either in a patrolling mode within predefined zones, or at fixed temporary locations where there is no power, to verify that a cardholder is authorized to be at that location and to record their presence. Other scenarios include construction sites, bus and train stations, airside/landside boundaries, and random checks within large commercial sites.’

A large full color sunlight readable touch screen provides quick and easy navigation displaying information about the status of each card, with further details including name, job title and date of birth. For dual verification, cardholder photographs are also displayed on-screen minimizing the threat of card sharing.

Users can authenticate cardholder details anywhere, even if mains power is unavailable. There’s encrypted Storage of up to 200,000 cardholders on-board.

A Roaming feature allows a single S3040 to perform card verification across multiple pre-defined zones or access levels by switching between virtual addresses. S3040 readers may be used as portable muster devices. Details of cardholders that have not swiped at a safe muster point can be listed as a report on the S3040 display. An Occupancy feature allows cardholder head counts to be performed in a defined area e.g. a bus, preventing card sharing and ensuring maximum occupancy levels are not exceeded. The S3040 also features Random Check Mode which instructs operators to perform random checks on cardholders.
The connection to host is via encrypted Wi-Fi or USB Ethernet hub. The S3040 Portable Reader is available in a variety of different models, each providing different card reading technology , for example 125kHz HID Proximity, MiFare or DESFire CSN, HID iClass/iClass SE, PicoPass Sector and CEM DESFire.

PS336 Office Docking provides charging capability not only for the S3040 Portable reader but also for a spare battery simultaneously. When placed in the cradle the S3040 will connect to the AC2000 server, upload card transactions and also receive any new or updated cardholder records automatically.


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