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Adam Bannister is a contributor to IFSEC Global, having been in the role of Editor from 2014 through to November 2019. Adam also had stints as a journalist at cybersecurity publication, The Daily Swig, and as Managing Editor at Dynamis Online Media Group.
October 7, 2019


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Cennox acquires Lockpoint and its ATM security brand Gryphon

Cennox, a facilities management company catering to the financial sector, has acquired Lockpoint, which specialises in protecting bank ATMs from theft and deliberate damage.

Announced on 3 October 2019, the deal will see Lockpoint’s technology, team and facilities absorbed into the Cennox Group with immediate effect. Cennox has assured customers that the acquisition will have no disruptive effect on service.

There are obvious synergies between the two companies. Cennox has deployed a range of patented and bespoke security solutions for major banks around the world, with ATMs obviously a major focus when it comes to enhancing security.

Lockpoint, which started out in 1989 as a security consultancy, has supplied the Gryphon locking system to numerous major banks and financial companies.

Gryphon, which has been tested extensively in the lab and in the field, comprises a high grade locking system with a wall of interlocking steel doors, which Lockpoint says are impenetrable.

Customisable to fit the majority of ATMs, Gryphon resists attacks by drills, grinders and oxyacetylene torches. An ATM fitted with a correctly operated Gryphon has also yet to be breached by attacks using injected explosive gases.

Attempts to steal cash machines in the UK more than doubled between 2014 and 2018, from 400 to 841.

“Cennox has always focused on building the best combination of products and services around the needs of our banking clients,” said Clive Nation, CEO for the Cennox Group. “In the sphere of ATM security, Lockpoint has achieved great results and market presence with their Gryphon Locking System. I am excited to see our teams work together with our new colleagues from Lockpoint, to deliver new sales opportunities for these devices to a wider global audience.”

Bill Price, CEO at Lockpoint, said: “Having seen Cennox’s growth and expansion of their security presence in the industry, I have been impressed with their passion on building a complete portfolio of security products and services.

“The Lockpoint product and our people perfectly complement the Cennox offering and I am confident Cennox will achieve great success at introducing our products to a wider audience.”

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