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December 7, 2021


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Data Centres

Protecting data centres – “A fast growing market”, says Chubb Fire & Security

IFSEC Global speaks to Global Account Manager at Chubb Fire & Security, Neil Scrivener, on the need for global scale protection of data centres. 

(IG): Are data centres a growing market for Chubb globally? 

Neil Scrivener, Global Account Manager, Chubb Fire & Security

Neil Scrivener (NS): Absolutely, we are seeing an increasing demand for data storage, worldwide, and this has been reflected in the fact that data centres are among the fastest growing real estate sub-sectors in the world.

According to ResearchandMarkets.com, the total investment in data centres is expected to increase by nearly 90% between 2019 and 2025.

The protection of these sites, both from a fire and security perspective, will thus become even more crucial to global growth, meaning service providers like Chubb have an important role to play in providing solutions to a scaling problem.  

(IG): Does the approach differ based on the type of data centre, or who is responsible for the site? 

NS: We work with several different types of data centre customers, but they usually fall into three brackets: colocation data centres, with a variety of different tenants; global cloud players; and enterprises with their own small data sites.

While they may look appear different on the surface, the solutions required, and set of skills offered by Chubb is actually very similar.

Project management and integration are essential to maintaining business as usual at these sites.  

For many of the biggest players, including those hosting colocation data centres and the international cloud players, partnership with a security provider does not always hinge on innovation in the types of products used, more so in the efficiencies made during and following deployment. 

This is because the regulated design of the data centre requires the use of specific products, and for that formula to be duplicated across data centres worldwide.  

(IG): What’s the solution for these data centres? 

NS: Providing security for a data centre is less of an issue of developing a product or range of products, more one of ensuring that project engineers are skilled in the integration and maintenance of specific product ranges. It is hugely beneficial when partners can provide the global footprint needed to service and consult on data centre projects in different jurisdictions.  

Chubb has both the heritage and the global scale to be a key partner for data centre customers across the globe; we have over 20 years experience in that specific sector, and a fire and security business that has stood the test of time for more than 200 years.

To meet the worldwide need for data management and the construction of data centres, we have established a global data centre council ensuring effective knowledge sharing and best practice on project management.

The data centre council is made up of industry experts in most developed and emerging regions, including North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and reflects Chubb’s presence in all these markets.  


(IG): How does this project management work in practice? 

NS: One such example of the need for project management capabilities in providing a consultative data centre solution is Chubb’s work in Asia Pacific, providing regional account management for one of the world’s leading cloud providers across the region.

Chubb has been the preferred security partner for this customer since 2019, with the relationship led by the team in Singapore. Not only were we able to provide end-to-end regional project management through a single contact, allowing for improved communications with customer stakeholders in each country, but the regional infrastructure to support the customer’s projects means we are well-placed to scale up the relationship and aid the customer’s ambitious growth plans.

The regional account management structure has allowed for consistent bid preparation, opportunity consultations and contract negotiation.

It has also provided efficient knowledge transfer across the region, with minimal customer involvement. The Chubb team understands the demands of the sector, is knowledgeable of the different cultures and languages; and has hands-on experience with the solutions in scope. 

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