Rhianna Sexton

Assistant Editor, IFSEC Global & SHP

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‘If you put your family in that building, would you be happy with it?’ – Andy Frankum discusses the road ahead for fire safety in social housing

New York music venue prevents lawyer from entering venue via facial recognition identification

Security products round-up – December 2022

Security products round-up – November 2022

G4S Academy: ‘A great powerhouse of wisdom creation’ – In conversation with Noah Price

From frontline to CEO: IPSA announces Satia Rai as its new CEO

‘Something as simple as closing a fire door can save your life’ – In conversation with Helen Hewitt from the BWF

Michael Gove reappointed as UK Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Protecting hybrid workers: How can employers keep their employees safe?

Automatic Facial Recognition – The debate in 2022 

Court ruling finds contractor liable for £8 million cost of removing unsafe cladding

“Networked, integrated IP audio can bring just as much value as cameras” – In conversation with Zenitel’s Koen Claerbout at IFSEC 2022

Security products round-up – July 2022

“Driving insights from the physical world into the digital world” – How cloud can support more intelligent camera functions

Major incidents across UK puts strain on fire services – “Scale of these fires is set to continue”

What can be done to better fire safety in schools?

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