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December 22, 2017

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“We’re bringing innovation to an industry that hasn’t seen any in 50 years”: VOTI Detection Q&A

Never has there been a greater need to improve the detection rate of security scanning technology while simultaneously accelerating the throughput of people in airports, train stations and government buildings.

VOTI, which develops x-ray security systems based on 3D-perspective technology, is aiming to convince transport authorities and budget holders in a other high security sectors that its solutions achieve this tricky combination.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com, a media partner of IFSEC Global and IFSEC International, has interviewed Rory Olson, president and CEO of the company, and we’ve published an excerpt below – the full interview is here.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today, Rory. Before we drill down into VOTI DETECTION™ solutions, please tell us about your background and management team . May we also have a brief company history?

Rory Olson: Thank you, it’s a pleasure being here today. I have been an executive with more than two decades of industry experience in technology businesses ranging from startups to mature multi-billion dollar enterprises; in industries ranging from online payment processing to mobile entertainment.

At VOTI Detectio we have been very fortunate to have assembled an “A-Class” team of entrepreneurs with over 190 years of public and private company know-how! Built on an absolute requirement of respect, management promotes open and honest communication, across the organization to promote efficient interaction between internal and external clients, allowing us to best serve our customers.

VOTI Detection’s commitment to innovation is found in the corporate culture of continuous improvement. Our company was founded in 2008 with the mission of saving lives, protecting people and assets through enhanced detection of threats and contraband. We are trusted around the world, servicing critical industries in over 45 countries with our superior 3D Perspective™ technology.

Read the full interview on SecuritySolutionsWatch.com

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