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Adam Bannister was Editor of IFSEC Global from 2014 through to November 2019. Adam is also a former Managing Editor at Dynamis Online Media Group.
July 18, 2019

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The State of Physical Access Control in EMEA Businesses – 2020 Report

biometric authentication

Identity is the new security perimeter: A Q&A with ImageWare Systems

“We’re the only company that offers true anonymous biometric security,” Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO, ImageWare Systems, recently told

ImageWare Systems, which provides secure biometric authentication solutions, believes that “identity is the new security perimeter”.

Below you can read a sample of the interview – and read it in full if it piques your interest.

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Anyway, here’s a taste of the interview…

“ImageWare helps to solve the password problem at the root of more than 80% of data breaches” We’ve all seen the headlines regarding the recent Citrix 2FA breach,Equifax, Marriott, MyHeritage, and Uber which have affected billions of users. The wake-up calls keep coming about password “insecurity” and it’s not as if Bill Gates didn’t warn us about this in 2004 when he predicted the death of the password.Your thoughts, Jim?

Jim Miller: No question that distrust for enterprises managing private consumer data is at an all-time high. Continued data breaches, e.g. FEMA from late February, has begun to frustrate the masses.

The recent WSJ report of a class action lawsuit about the growing use of biometrics in the workplace – and worker’s concerns about the security, epitomizes this growing concern.

ImageWare helps to solve the password problem which is at the root of more than 80% of data breaches; our flexible, secure, and scalable biometric MFA solution strengthens or can even replace passwords.

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