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WEBINAR: Achieving near real-time risk management with a converged security centre

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April 24, 2019

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Today’s high-risk, myriad-threat security environment demands a converged security solution that consolidates monitoring of both physical and cybersecurity events within one, unified platform.

Organisations can thus leverage disparate data sources to effectively manage situations in near real-time without navigating multiple subsystems – including analytics and cybersecurity – and complete investigations and take appropriate actions promptly. Speed is, after all, of the essence in these situations.

A forthcoming webinar hosted by IFSEC Global will tackle the opportunities and challenges around achieving this goal: that of creating a converged security centre.

A panel of experts in converged security and enterprise security risk management will also field questions from attendees at the end of the discussion.

The panel will discuss the concept, reality, and evolution of having both physical and cyber-security teams managing and collaborating in the same security operations centre. This webinar will preview what will be demoed at IFSEC 2019’s Converged Security Centre, powered by Vidsys, with partners including Micro Focus, Axis Communications and Salam Technology.

Webinar details

Title: Achieving near real-time risk management with a converged security centre

Date, time: 14 May, 2.30pm


  • Roberto Mandanas, VP Strategic Marketing and Alliances, Vidsys
  • Sarb Sembhi CISM, CISO, Virtually Informed Ltd
  • James Willison MA MSyI, Founder, Unified Security Ltd
  • Host/moderator: Adam Bannister, editor, IFSEC Global

About the speakers

Roberto Mandanas is VP of strategic marketing and alliances at Vidsys. With more than 20 years of technology industry experience, he has held key leadership positions in both early stage and well established companies. His background encompasses a broad range of skills including business development, corporate development, marketing, product management, and US and international sales.

Founded in 2005 Vidsys helps public and private organisations improve security, reduce risk and increase efficiencies with a strategic focus on government and enterprise.

The award-winning Vidsys CSIM continuously fuses and instantly correlates vast amounts of data gathered from any number or virtually any type, brand or generation of physical security system or sensor, as well as from networked management applications. The result is actionable intelligence that empowers decision-makers from a single organisation or multiple entities – however geographically dispersed – to collaborate in real time. By leveraging mobile devices, the software also provides instant situational awareness and mission-critical intelligence to first responders, senior executives or other authorised parties.

James Willison MA is Founder of Unified Security Ltd and Vice Chair of the ASIS European Convergence/ESRM committee. In 2018 IFSEC Global listed James #17 in the top 20 Security Thought Leaders across the world. He was also shortlisted in the Security Serious Unsung Security Heroes Awards as a Security Leader/mentor in October 2018. James is a member of the ASIS International Board ESRM initiative and on the working group for the draft ASIS/ISC(2)/ISACA Security Awareness Standard. He is Vice Chair, Smart Buildings Working Group, Internet of Things Security Foundation.

James was awarded the Imbert Prize for an ‘outstanding contribution to the Security Industry in 2011’ for his work on convergence with ASIS Europe and the Information Security Awareness Forum. He has more than 20 years of management experience in the physical and information security industry, including posts as Advisor on Convergence to the Mitie TSM Board, Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University and Digital Security Expert with the European Union. He has co-authored two White Papers with Sarb Sembhi sponsored by AXIS Communications on ESRM and Smart GDPR Assurance. He is an ISACA Academic advocate and a member of the Security Institute. James is advising UBM on the Converged Security Centre to be featured at IFSEC in June 2019. This will demonstrate a real time response to security attacks on cyber physical systems.

Sarb Sembhi, CTO, CISO & DPO, Virtually Informed has worked as a volunteer in many senior roles for ISACA and been actively involved at government level. He is a CTO & CISO and is well known for speaking, writing and contributing to many events and publications. He speaks and chairs many security events which have included IFSEC since 2009 with James Willison, ASIS International, on Converged Security Management, the Noord CISO Dialogue (17 times), ID Management, ESRM. He also regularly chairs executive dinners for event companies as a knowledgeable independent chair.

Sarb has sat on the following Judging Panels (SC Awards three times; IFSEC Awards four times; FSTech Awards once; Trailblazer Awards six times). He has contributed to several security standards including the ANSI ASIS Physical Asset Protection Standard 2012, and publications in Information Security Magazine and Risk UK. He was an active member of the IET Intelligent / Smart Buildings Resilience project and brought his expertise to this pioneering group. He is now leading a whole new approach to IFSEC 2018 with Gerry Dunphy and James Willison. Together they will bring the first Converged Security Centre to an International Security event to showcase cyber physical attacks on organisations in a real time environment.

Sarb’s other roles and affiliations have included: Past Chair of the ISACA London Security Advisory Group; Past-President of the London ISACA Chapter; Chair of ISACA International Government & Regulatory Advocacy Committee; ISACA Relations Board; ISACA Cloud Computing Task Force; Secure Software Development Partnership; Editorial Board member of InfoSecurity Magazine; Individual member of PITCom (Parliamentary IT Committee). Sarb’s specialties: Networked CCTV System Vulnerabilities, Converged Security Risk Management, Secure Software Development (Secure by Design), Software Development Standards, Data Integrity Attacks, Protecting the people responsible for Critical Business Assets.

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