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March 16, 2020


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Converged security

WATCH: How Converged Security Centres facilitate the digital transformation of security


IFSEC Global’s webinar, where industry experts, Vidsys and Micro Focus discussed how converged security centres facilitate the digital transformation of security, is now available to download and listen to for those who missed it.


A Converged Security Centre (CSC) brings together multiple security systems in a single, unified platform, enabling organisations to manage risk and respond to threats in real-time. Digital transformation is the latest thing businesses are trying to achieve in their solutions to customers. At present, however, the benefits of digital transformation haven’t been effectively considered for security or what role they may have in security.

This webinar bridges that gap through expert speakers who:

  • Introduce the concepts of the ‘digital transformation of physical security’ – including the role of a Converged Security Centre and how the technologies it supports can accelerate and enhance this transformation.
  • Discuss how to respond to cyber-physical attacks on buildings, devices and security systems in the necessary regulatory timescales (within 72 hours).
  • Explore how the collaboration of technology partners in a CSC, including monitoring data on all security systems, reduces response timelines for both internal and external attacks.
  • Discuss how CSCs support a more effective response when preventing and responding to fast-moving situations like terrorist attacks and emergency incidents.

The agenda of the webinar covered:

  • An introduction of the digital transformation of physical security
  • Why smart environments must have converged security centres
  • How converged security centres facilitate the digital transformation of security, with use cases from Vidsys
  • AI powered converged security: A transportation use case from Micro Focus

Chair: James Moore: Editor | IFSEC Global

Expert speakers: Sarb Sembhi CISM, CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed, James Willison MA Founder, Unified Security, John Gill, Vice President Sales and Business Development, Vidsys, and Joe Leung, Director of Product Marketing for Security Operations & AI, Micro Focus.

Watch the webinar in full, below! You can also find the answers to the questions we did not have time to answer in our article, here: Converged security centres: your questions answered

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