WATCH: IFSEC Drone Zone to show off rapidly developing tech for the security industry

IFSEC 2018 will provide the facts about drones and why businesses can no longer ignore them. After a few years […] Read More

WATCH: Eagle Eye Networks CEO Dean Drako says all video surveillance is destined for the cloud

Dean Drako, CEO and president of Eagle Eye Networks, fielded questions about cloud video surveillance, cybersecurity and IFSEC 2018 in a video call with the IFSEC Global editor. Read More

WATCH: The state of the fire industry post-Grenfell

Ian Moore, CEO of the FIA, gives an overview of the fire industry in light of the Grenfell tragedy. Read More

WATCH: The top 5 cybersecurity firms globally

This video briefly profiles the top 5 cybersecurity firms globally, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. Read More

WATCH: 6 spectacular fire door fails

Delaying the spread of smoke and fire, properly fitted fire doors give building occupants extra time to evacuate when fire […] Read More

WATCH: 5 shocking weapons found by US airport security

A throwing star, a grenade on wheels and, of course, lots and lot of guns - a few things featured in this video showing a sample of the smorgasbord of dangerous items taken through US airport security. Read More

WATCH: Unboxing the Apollo Dimension optical smoke detector – first impressions

This video was taken from his ‘Dan’s the Engineer’ YouTube channel. Jackson writes that "it might be big, but it is impressive, and I think it has a great purpose in the right places due to the slimline features and chamberless technology." Read More

WATCH: 5 notorious insider jobs

Some 74% of companies feel vulnerable to insider threats and only 42% are confident in their security countermeasures, a report revealed in 2016. Here are five examples of those fears being realised to spectacular effect. Read More

WATCH: 6 reasons to visit IFSEC International 2018

IFSEC International, Europe’s leading security event, is evolving to reflect rapid changes in security technologies and the threat landscape and is driving the global security conversation. Read More

WATCH: Deadly pandemic and widespread blackout join UK list of gravest security threats

The UK government has updated its National Security Capability Review, which "sets out how the government will maximise the collective effect of the UK’s national security capabilities". Read More

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