WATCH: Countdown to GDPR – Risks and opportunities for video surveillance operators

Images captured by video surveillance cameras often feature personal data, so anyone involved in the operation of network cameras and the processing, storage or retrieval of surveillance images needs to be prepared for the new regulatory regime. Read More

WATCH: How IFSEC is adapting to a changing security industry

IFSEC is evolving beyond a physical security event into a high level security summit and integrated security event. Watch our video to find out more about IFSEC International, which takes place 19-21 June 2018 at ExCeL London. Read More

WATCH: How FAAST and VESDA benefit from coexisting under the Honeywell brand

Honeywell acquired Xtralis, and therefore the VESDA range of aspirating smoke detectors, in 2016. VESDA joined FAAST, a manufacturer of fire detection devices for commercial applications, in the Honeywell stable. Read More

Watch: Is cloud CCTV viable and secure enough for your organisation?

Flexible, remotely accessible and offering disaster recovery, cloud-based storage offers many compelling benefits. But is the model viable for every kind of organisation? And how secure can anything online ever truly be? Read More

Watch: 5 trends in cybersecurity threats in 2017

Courtesy of The 2017 Cyber Threatscape Report by Accenture, here are five of the most notable trends in cybersecurity threats this year. Read More

Watch: The top 5 security news stories on IFSEC Global in 2017

Merry Christmas everyone. Here’s a video rundown of the most read security news stories on IFSEC Global this year. Below […] Read More

Watch: Irish border conundrum and other Brexit security risks

From Europol membership to the Schengen Information System, the UK might lose access to myriad collaborative security tools. This video outlines several concerns about UK security post-Brexit that persist despite the deal struck last week. Read More

Watch: CCTV lighting – Strengthening the commonest weak link in surveillance systems

We spoke to CCTV consultant Simon Lambert about CCTV lighting and you can hear his advice on this short video. Read More

Watch: How ISIS terrorists could use drones to disperse viruses over western cities

There’s a very real threat that terrorists could engage in biological warfare by spreading viruses across populated areas using drones, Europe's most senior terrorism expert has warned. Read More

Watch: iPhone X Facial ID fooled within week of launch by 10-year old boy

Cybersecurity researchers have found an ingenious way to fool Apple’s Face ID just a week after the launch of the […] Read More

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