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Editor, IFSEC Global

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Adam Bannister is editor of IFSEC Global. A former managing editor at Dynamis Online Media Group, he has been at the helm of the UK's leading fire and security publication since 2014.
June 23, 2016

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A Barbour guide to business continuity

FES Actok Autonomous Fire Extinguisher Explained… in 45 Seconds

Speaking at FIREX 2016 Guiseppe Griffo from FES (Fire Extinction Systems) attempts to sum up why an autonomous fire exingusher device from his company is genuinely innovative.

Find out about automatic fire extinguishers and other fire extinguisher types: how to choose the right class.

The Future of Fire Safety: download the eBook

Is the fire protection industry adapting to the post-Grenfell reality fast enough? At FIREX International 2019, Europe's only dedicated fire safety event, some of the world's leading fire safety experts covered this theme. This eBook covers the key insights from those discussions on the developments shaping the profession, with topics including:

  • Grenfell Inquiry must yield “bedrock change” – and soon
  • After Grenfell: Jonathan O’Neill OBE on how austerity and policy “on the hoof” are hampering progress
  • Hackitt’s Golden Thread: Fire, facilities and building safety
  • Fire safety community has to “get on board” with technological changes

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July 5, 2016 9:20 am

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