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October 6, 2022

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ASFP to offer new member benefits in conjunction with BSI

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has signed a series of agreements with the British Standards Institution (BSI), to support its members.

Under the agreements, the ASFP is able to offer British standards for sale at discounted rates to members, free standards to small to medium size enterprise (SME) members and free onboarding to the BSI’s new Identify Scheme.

The new benefits include:

  • ASFP will offer BS, BS EN and ISO standards to members at discounted rates (up to 30% off), providing them with access to all the standards they need at an affordable price. The standards can be purchased via the Association’s online shop as either hard copies or as pdf downloads
  • As part of a Government scheme to support SMEs, the Association will offer a range of up to 100 passive fire-related standards free of charge to qualifying ASFP members. The range available reflects those of most interest to the passive fire protection community, as well as helping member companies with their company quality assurance by offering BS EN ISO 17025 and BS EN ISO 9001 quality management standards
  • ASFP members can also receive free onboarding to the BSI Identify Scheme, which aims to bring transparency and product traceability throughout the built environment supply chain. This new BSI service harnesses Digital Object Identifier (DOI) technology to deliver a unique, constant, and interoperable identifier, called a BSI UPIN, which can be assigned to products. It helps UK manufacturers to directly manage information about their products in the supply chain, providing a persistent record of each product throughout its life cycle, from manufacture, specification, procurement and installation to de-commissioning or reuse

These new services form part of the ASFP Hub, which offers a wide range of discounts, free support and advice to all ASFP members. There is a ‘huge range’ of benefits to be found, catering to member companies and their employees. These benefits range from free affiliate membership of Make UK, to membership discounts from CHAS and Barbour ABI.

ASFP CEO Steve Davies said: “The ASFP offers a wide range of training, technical and support services for members which form our core membership offering. These additional benefits aim to provide an enhancement to our services, making ASFP membership yet more rewarding and resulting in significant savings for members.

“Our new agreements with BSI ensure that ASFP member companies of all sizes can access all BS, BS EN and ISO standards at an affordable price, while ASFP SME member companies can obtain access to essential fire safety standards free of charge. This initiative, along with the BSI Identify Scheme offering, aims to help educate our members and further improve the quality of the passive fire protection products and services they can offer. This will further enhance recognition of the professionalism and competence of ASFP members throughout the construction industry.”


Evolving opportunities, same challenges - Learnings from FIREX International 2022

This eBook provides a summary of several key debates and presentations that took place at FIREX International 2022 in May, alongside some additional exclusive content for readers.

We cover topics ranging from the issue of single staircases in high risk and multi-occupied buildings, through to the role the Internet of Things (IoT) is playing in the fire safety industry at present. There are also chapters on how BIM can support fire safety standards, the role of the digital golden thread, smoke control in high-rise residential buildings an insight into a new guidance note for fire alarms from the FIA.


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