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March 23, 2023

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Improved fire safety at Middle Eastern oil and gas company

The critical national infrastructure of a Middle Eastern oil and gas company is being protected by new systems.

More than 40, 4- and 16-loop Taktis fire detection panels have been put in place by Khayber Fire and Security Systems WLL, a turnkey contractor of fire and security systems based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Taktis panels are manufactured by life safety systems company Kentec Electronics.

The Khayber Fire and Security Systems WLL Team working on the project noted it was one of many projects completed in the region using Kentec panels.

They said: “This project is vast in scale and critical in its protection of nationally vital assets and infrastructure. While the project did not originally specify Taktis, we were able to convince stakeholders that the 4- and 16-loop Taktis panel has the required capabilities and scale to be the right system for the project.”

Kevin Swann, MD of Kentec, says this project is one of Taktis’ most globally significant installations.

He said: “With more than 60 buildings, linked to several thousand devices, the fire protection system is one of the world’s largest and most complex.

“Our thanks go to the team at Khayber for their detailed understanding of the Taktis system’s features and benefits, and dedication to such an important installation.”

Khayber, a Kentec Installation Partner (KIP), is responsible for the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the project’s fire protection, fire and gas detection systems.

The ongoing installation project features 41 panels, of which 32 are a part of one ring network. 

In the next stage of the project, Khayber is working with Kentec to utilise Vizulinx, a fire alarm management solution that facilitates the integration of the Taktis system with the plant DCS via Modbus signals.

This enables site managers to monitor and control fire detection systems remotely, in real time through the DCS graphic.

The Taktis 16L provides up to 144 zone indications, supports more than 2,000 detection devices and can network up to 127 panels.


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