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December 9, 2021


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Tio Fire Systems launches digital fire logbook

The paper fire logbook, a critical link in the safety of millions of UK buildings, has been updated and made fit for modern safety, facilities, and compliance professionals with the launch of the digital fire logbook from Tio Fire Systems.

Cloud-based and permitted under BS5839-1, Tio’s Digital Fire Logbook is priced and designed to replace a range of paper logbooks, and is pre-configured to bring together a huge number of fire, safety and security topics in one place.

Tio’s logbook includes a compliance task manager that automatically schedules and tracks tasks for service providers, building occupiers and risk assessors; a customisable guidance module that helps staff complete jobs, linked asset registers and maintenance, variances, false alarm and activation tracker, custom tasks creator; fire visitor logbook; and digital documents storage. All users get a performance and compliance dashboard, permitting oversight and management from a single site to vast portfolios of properties.

Instead of a paper document in a cabinet at the building entrance, a QR code is displayed, giving either open access to the cloud-based records or, where security is a concern, access to permitted individuals and organisations.

“Today, there is rightly much more focus on correct compliance, from a building occupier, and FM perspective right through to service providers and the logbook is central to this,” says Jason Hill, Sales Manager for Tio Fire Safety.

“Paper logbooks are too often, inaccurate, incomplete, duplicated, misplaced or lost, all serious issues that are removed in a click with Tio. We call our product the only true digital fire logbook because, while other products do call themselves logbooks, they are in reality limited, one-way customer portals or engineer tools, not genuine improvements on the paper logbook that permit contributions from all stakeholders. Our Digital Fire Logbook delivers all of the required information, which can be accessed and entered on any web-connected device, ensuring 100% compliance and safeguarding the integrity of the information in any fire incident.”

Tio in action – All Fire rolls out digital logbook

Northern Irish fire risk assessment and safety consultancy, All Fire, has become the first business in Ireland to roll out Tio’s innovative True Digital Fire Logbook.

Founder Marc Eadie is now offering the Tio Digital Fire Logbook as an integral part of his service offering to new All Fire clients in sectors including manufacturing, education and childcare. With a portfolio that includes everything from fire system maintenance to extinguisher testing and fire warden training, in addition to fire risk assessments, he says that he sees it as a vital tool and a vast improvement on traditional paper logbooks, which can often be mislaid or left incomplete.

“I have been really impressed with this product, which answers a lot of questions and solves the fundamental issues with the old paper-based logbooks,” said Marc, who founded All Fire in 2015. “It’s not only simpler to update and access, it also features a compliance task manager for All Fire and our clients, and creates an audit trail that can’t be lost, damaged, ignored or incorrectly completed. It’s digital document storage replaces document boxes and ensures you can find exactly what you need quick.

“We’ve already installed 40 logbooks, including three for a single manufacturing site with multiple buildings, and I’m keen to get it out to at least another 100 over the coming months. The pricing set by Tio is very competitive, especially when you consider the advantages it offers, the clients like the peace of mind it gives them, and it can also be used by other operatives, such as emergency lighting or security professionals, to log testing and maintenance.”

One chain of restaurants, which uses All Fire to oversee its chain of 20 sites in Northern Ireland, is using the Tio Digital Fire Logbook to oversee staff training and ensure that mandated fire checks are carried out on a weekly and monthly basis.

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